Post Graduate Teacher UP PGT English Exam Paper 2009

POT Post Graduate Teacher Exam, 2009
Solved Paper
Important Instructions :
1. The candidate will write his/her Roll No. only at the place provided for, i.e. on the cover page and on answer-sheet given and nowhere else.
2. Immediately on the receipt of the question booklet, the candidate will check up and ensure that it contains all the pages and that no question is missing. If there is any discrepancy, it should be reported by the candidate to the invigilator within 10 minutes of issue of this question booklet and a fresh booklet without any discrepancy be obtained.
3, No second question booklet shall be given to any candidate under any circumstances except any discrepancy in
question booklet. The candidate should be careful in handling the question booklet and filling the answer-sheet.
4. A candidate has to answer 125 questions. All questions are compulsory. There is no negative marking for wrong answer.
5. Before filling the answer-sheet, the candidate should read carefully the instructions given on answer-sheet.
6. The candidate has to fill the correct option out of the four options given against the corresponding question number according to the instructions given in the answer-sheet. Only answer-sheet shall be evaluated.
7. In no case any paper from the question booklet should be torn.
8. The candidate shall not bring any loose paper, whether written or blank except, the admit card, inside the examination hall. If any candidate is found having any loose paper, notes, calculator, slide rule, mobile phone etc. with him/her in examination hall, he/she will be liable to be punished for use of unfair means.
9. Pages marked for rough work attached at the end of the question booklet shall be used for rough work.
10. Use only black/blue ball pen for filling answers.

1. When did the first edition of Lyrical Ballads appear?
(1) 1698 (2) 1798 (3) 1898 (4) 1794
Ans (2)
Explanation ‘Lyrical Ballads’ was published in 1798. With the publication of it, there was a change in the history of romanticism.
. To whom is Wordsworth’s autobiographical poem The Prelude’ addressed? (1) Jane Austen (2) Coleridge
(3) Pope (4) Dr. Johnson
Ans (2)
Explanation The works of Wordsworth include Tintern Abbey, The Prelude, The World is Too Much With Us.
3. In ‘Three Years She Grew’, the little girl will be sportive as:
(1) The Lawn (2) The Fawn
(3) Stars (4) Rivulets
Ans (2)
4. Which work was described by Keats as a feverish
attempt rather than a deed accomplished’ ?
(1) Endymion (2) Hyperion
(3) The Eve of St. Agnes
(4) None of the above
Ans (4)
5. When did Keats die?
(1) 1795 (2) 1789 (3) 1821 (4) 1777
Ans (3)
Explanation Keats was born in 1795 and died in 1821.
6. Shelley’s ‘Alastor’ is also called :
(1) The Spirit of Solitude
(2) Queen Mab
(3) Stanzas Written In Dejection Near Naples
(4) None of the above

Explanation P. B. Shelley wrote this line. His works include Prothetheus Unbound, To A Skylark and To The West-wind.
21. Hemingway the novelist was:
(1) an American (2) a British
(3) a Canadian (4) a South African

Ans (1)
ExplanationErnest Hemingway was an American novelist. His works include ‘The Sun Also Rises (1926), A Farewell to Arms (1924), To Have and Have Not (1937) etc.
22. T. S. Eliot’s “The Waste Land” was published in (1) 1910 (2) 1918 (3) 1930 (4) 1922 Ans (4)
23. Point out the figure of speech in the following line : Where Beauty cannot keep her lustrous eyes.
(2) Personification
(4) Oxymoron

(.1) Pun (3) Simile Ans (2)
24. Who has penned the following lines?
I am sinner.
I am saint. I am the beloved and the Betrayed.
(1) Rabindranath Tagore
(2) Nissim Ezekiel
(3) Kamala Das
(4) Sarojini Naidu
Ans (3)
25. The idiom ‘hush moony’ means :
(1) the money spent at midnight
(2) the bribe paid to keep some matter secret
(3) the money received in a dark room
(4) the money received in paper currency
Ans (2)
26. Mark the part which contains an error in the following sentence. If there is no error in it, mark (4) as your choice :
One should take advantage of opportunities to talk with native orators if one wants to improve his English.
(1) should (2) one wants
(3) his (4) No error
Ans (3)
27. Mark the part which contains an error in the following sentence. If there is no error in it, mark (4) as your choice :
The great poet and dramatist,tIQ; Kalidas is regarded as the Shakespeare of India..
(1) the Kalidas (2) is regarded
(3) the Shakespeare (4) No error
Ans (1)
8 The antonym of ALACRITY is
(1) inaptitude (2) hesitation
(3) uncertainty (4) inability
Ans (2)
29. The synonym of AVIARY is :
(1) prison (2) reformatory
(3) large cage.for birds (4) zoo officer
Ans (3)
30.> What is the meaning of the idiom “a flying visit”?
(1) A very short visit
(2) A visit to the space
(3) A visit by an aeroplane
(4) A visit on a gas-filled balloon
Ans (1)
31. Choose the most appropriate preposition
The Indian magpie indulges a long flight.
(1) with (2) in (3) at (4) on
‘117 (2)
32 “Seethe” suggests :
(1) spill (2) catch
(3) dry (4) boil
Ans (4) .
33. The synonym of SARDONIC is :
(1) miserable (2) cruel
(3) scornful (4) noisy
The antonym of ESOTERIC is :
(1) clear (2) transparent
(3) simple (4) apparent
Ans (3)
35. The meaning of the idiom “a brain wave” is :
(1) a wave passing through one’s brain
– (2) sudden inspiration
(3) a big fuss
(4) an invention
Ans (2)
36. Choose the most appropriate preposition :
The doctor advised him to abstain .all
alcoholic drinks.
(1) at (2) from (3) by (4) in
Ans (2)
37. A person who hates the institution of marriage is called :
(1) Misogamist (2) Pacifest
(3) Philogynist (4) Pessimist
A speech which is delivered without any previous preparation is called : – .o
(1) Maiden (2) Extempore
(3) Meticulous (4) Matin
Ans (2)
39. One whirseats everything is called
(1) Herbitrorous (2) Greihtious
(3) Crednlous (4) Ontnitrorous
Ans (4)

Solved Paper 2009 67

40. `An imaginary name assumed by an author for s disguise is called :
(1) Pseudonym (2) Neologism
(3) Loquacious (4) Veteran
Ans (1)
41. Fill in the blank with suitable conjunction : Though he is suffering much pain, he does
not complain.
(1) yet (2) but (3) else (4) as
Ans (1)
42. Which of the following sentences is correct ?
(1) He entered into the room
(2) He entered the room
(3) He entered in the room
(4) He entered to the room.
Ans (2)
43. Which of the following sentences is correct ?
(1) The meeting was adjourned owing to the want of quorum
(2) The meeting was adjourned due to want of quorum
(3) The meeting was adjourned for want of quorum.
(4) None of the above
Ans (3)
44. Fill in the blank with correct pronoun :
Our soldiers are better than of the enemies.
(1) those (2) these
(3) that (4) themselves
Ans (1)
45. Fill in the blank with suitable adjective :
The book contains many quotations.
(1) Martial (2) Ambitious
(3) Biblical (4) Ulterior
Ans (3)
46. Choose the correct figure of speech in the following sentence :
“The camel is the ship of desert.”
(1) Metaphor (2) Simile
(3) Hyperbole (4) None of these
Ans (1)
Explanation A metaphor is an implied Simile. It does not, like the Simile, state that one thing is like another or acts as another, but takes that for granted and proceeds as if the two things were one.
47. Choose the correct figure of speech in the following sentence :
“The quality of mercy is not strained,
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven.”
(1) Metaphor (2) Hyperbole
(3) Synecdoche (4) Simile
Ans (4)
Explanation In a Simile a comparison is made between two objects of different kinds which have however at least one point in common.
48. Change the following into an indirect statement and indicate the correct one :
He said to me. “What are you doing?”
(1) He said to me that what he was doing.
(2) He said to me that what I was doing.
(3) He asked me what I was doing.
(4) He asked me what he was doing.
Ans (3)
Explanation It there is double interrogative sentence in reported speech, the question word if used as a conjunction and ‘said to’ is changed into `asked’. You is changed according to the object in reporting speech.
Which one of the following is the correct spelling ?
(1) Haemorrhage (2) Haemorhage
(3) Heamorrhage (4) Heamorhage
Which one of the following is the correct spelling ?
(1) Ceasarean (2) Caesaraen
(3) Caesarean (4) Ceasaraen
Ans (2)
Explanation Caesarean is spelt correctly.
51. In which Magazine were published the first series of “The Essays of Elia”?
(1) British Magazine
(2) Swiss Magazine
(3) American Magazine
(4) London Magazine
Ans (4)
Explanation Lamb’s essays are The Convalescent, The Old and New School Master, and My Relations.
52. ) French revolution broke out in the year :
(1) 1789 (2) 1798
(3) 1880 (4) 1785
Ans (1)
Explanation French Revolution (1789-1799), Battle of waterloo, and Defeat of Napolean 1875.
53. In which poem of Shelley do the following lines occur ?
“Alas ! I have no hope nor health Nor peace within nor calm around ”
(1) Ode to West Wind
(2) Stanzas Written in Dejection
(3) To a Skylark
(4) Adonais
Ans (2)
Explanation Some works of P. B. Shelley are Necessity of Atheism, Prometheus Unbound, Westwind etc.



54. By whom Shelley has been called as `perfect singing God’?
(1) Rossettee (2) Arnold
(3) Swinburne (4) Morris
Ans (2)
Explanation Some works of Arnold are Thyrsis, Scholar Gypsy, Dover Beach.
55. Who wrote the following line for Shelley ?
he is a beautiful and ineffectual angle, beating in the void his luminous wings in vain.” (1) Compton Rickett (2) Walter Pater
(3) Dr. Johnson (4) Matthew Arnold.
Arts (4)
56. What is the real name of the poetess Kamala Das ?
(1) Madhavi Kutty (2) Ratnavalli
(3) Kalluri Devi (4) None of these
s (4)
Nissim Ezekiel is a born :
(1) British (2) American
(3) Swiss (4) Jew
Ans (2)`X
58. Who is tFe author of the poem ‘Enterprise’?
(1) Kamala Das (2) Ezekiel
(3) Rarnanujan (4) None of these
Ans (2)
59. The theme of alienation is central to the poetry of :
(1) Nissim Ezekiel (2) Kamala Das
(3) Robert Frost (4) Walt Whitman
Ans (i)
60. Whitman’s poem ‘Crossing Brooklyn Ferry’ contains :
(1) nine sections (2) eleven sections
(3) thirteen sections (4) none of these
61 Which is the first section of Eliot’s The Wasteland? n. (4)
(1) The Burial of the Dead
(2) A Game of Chess
(3) The Fire Sermon
(4) Death By Water
Ans (I)
,xplanation The section in the Wasteland (1922), are (1) The Burial of.the Dead (2) A Game of Chess (3) The Fire Sermon (4) Death by Water
(5) What the Thunder said.
62. In which critical essay did Ellot make the following statement ?
“The historical sense compels a man to write not merely with his own generation in his bones, but with a f6eling that the whole of the literature of Europe from Homer has a simultaneous existence and coMpOses a simultaneous order.”
(1) Tradition And The Individual Talent
(2) The Metaphysical Poets

(3) Both of these
(4) None of these
Ans (1)
Explanation Some prose works of T. S. Eliot are, The Second Wood 1920, Homage to John Dryden 1924, Poetry and Drama.
63. What is the title of Kamala Das’ autobiography? (1) Summer in Calcutta (2) The Descendants (3) My Story (4) None of these
Ans (3)
Explanation Some works of Kamala Das are. Summer in Calcutta, the Descendents and My Story.
64. Which poem of Kamala Das has the following expression ?
“Why not leave
Me alone, critics, friends, visiting cousins, Every one of you? Why not let me speak in Any Language I like?”
(1) The Maggots (2) The Doubt
(3) An Introduction (4) Luminol
Ans (3)
Explanation Kamala Das’ poems are The Sun House, Cat, Composition etc.
When was Robert Frost born ?
(1) 1874 (2) 1963 (3) 1706 (4) 1790 Ans (1)
Explanation Robert Frost was born in 1874:His poems are Mending Wall, After Apple-Picking, The Code etc.
t 66.) Keats dropped the first stanza of one of his ‘Odes’. It was from
(1) Ode to Psyche (2) Ode to Melancholy
(3) Ode to Apollo 44) Ode on Indolence Ans (3)
67. “The Old Playhouse’? by Kamala Das is a poem of
(1) surrender to male domination
(2) protest against male domination
(3) harmony between husband and wife
(4) jealousy
Ans (2)
Explanation Some other poems of Kamala Das are ‘The Looking Glass’, An Introduction, In love etc.
68.) Who among the Indian politicians was inspired by the following lines?
The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru
(2) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
(3) M. K. Gandhi
(4) Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
Ans (1)

qs. Point out the figure of speech in the following line : \LIZ- Like a patient etherised upon a table.
(1) Metaphor (2) Climax
(3) Simile (4) Personification
Ans (4)
70.. Which of the following novels is not by Mulk Raj Arland? –
(1) Untouchable
(2) Coolie
(3) Two Leaves and a Bud
(4) The Second Wife
Ans (4)
Explanation Mulk Raj Anand wrote
Untouchable (1935), Two Leaves and Bud (1937), Coolie (1936) etc.
71. Who was the father of Matthew Arnold?
(1) Edwin Arnold (2) Thomas Arnold
(3) A. H. Clough (4) None of these
Ans (2)
72. ‘Whose death was commemorated by Arnold in Thyrsis?
(1) Arthur Hugh Clough
(2) Tennyson
(3) Edwin Arnold
(4) None of the above
Ans (1)
73. Arnold’s celebrated poem “The Scholar Gypsy” is based on an old legend, narrated by Glanvil in :
(1) The Schoolmaster
(2) Palmerin of England
-(3) The Vanity of Dogmatizing
(4) The Shepherd of Salisbury Plain
Ans (3)
Explanation Some works of Matthew Arnold are Culture and Anarchy (1869), Literature and Dogma (1872), God and the Bible (1875).
74. In whose memory was ‘In Memoriam’ written ?
(1) Arthur H. Hallam (2) Alexander Pope
(3) Robert Browning (4) None of these
Ans (1)
Explanation Tennyson wrote ‘In Memoriam’ in memory of Arthur H. Hallam. Some works of Tennyson are the Princess (1847), The Lady of Shalott, In Memoriam (1850) etc.
75. Which poem of Tennyson contains the following lines?
Yet all experience is an arch wherethro’
Gleams that untravelled world, whose margin fades For ever and for ever when I move.
(1) Crossing the Bar (2) Ulysses
(3) Tears, Idle Tears (4) The Lotos-Eaters Ans (2)
Explanation Tennyson’s poeni ‘Ulysses’ contains these lines. His other poems are Morte D’ Arthur, Dora.
76. Which poem of Keats has the following lines ? Heard Melodies are sweet, but those unheard Are sweeter ; therefore, ye soft pipes play on.
(1) Ode on a Grecian Urn
(2) Ode to .a Nightingale
(3) Ode on Melancholy
(4) None of the above
Ans (1)
Explanation Some poems of John Keats arc Edymion, Ode on a Grecian Urn, Ode to a Nightingale.
77. When was Lamb born? ‘
(1) 1775 (2) 1834 (1) 1744 (4) 1829 Ans (1)
Explanation Charles Lamb was born in 1775. His essays are- The Ode And The New Sehool Master, My Relations; All Fool’s Day etc.
78. Which pseudonym was adopted by Lamb for his essays?
(1) Elia (2) Charles
(3) Lamb (4) None of these
Ans (/)
Explanation Charles Lamb’s essays first
published in the London Magazine in 1821-22 under the name of Elia.
79. Which of the following is not a work by Lamb?
(1) John Woodvil (2) The Old Familiar Faces
(3) Hester (4) ‘,dila Rookh
Ans (4)
Explanation Lamb’s works are John Wood View, The Old Family Faces, Hester etc.
80. How many acts are there in Shelley’s lyrical drama Prometheus Unbound?
(1) One (2) Three (3) Four (4) Five
Ans (3)
81. Which one of the following is not a pastoral elegy?
(1) Melton’s Lycidas
(2) Shelley’s Adonais
(3) Arnold’s Thyrsis
(4) Pope’s The Rape of the Lock
Arts (4)
82. Which of the following is correctly matched ?
(1) Hyperbole – A figure of speech in which emphasis is achieved by deliberate
(2) Oxymoron – A figure of speech consisting generally of two apparently contradictory terms that express a startling paradox. ,
(3) Metaphor – A figure of speech in which two unlike objects are compared by identification or by the substitution of one for the other.
(4) All of three options are matched correctly. Ans (4)


83. When was Shakespeare born?
(1) 1564 (2) 1616 (3) 1671 (4) 1713 Ans (1)
84. Who has spoken the following words Shakespeare’s Macbeth?
The sleeping and the dead
Are but as pictures; tis the eye of childhood That fears a painted devil.
(1) First witch (2) Second witch
(3) Third witch (4) None of these
Which of the following is a poem by Wordsworth ?
(1) Daffodils
(2) On first looking into Chapman’s Homer
(3) The Forsaken Mesman
(4) The Last Ride Together
Ans (1)
86. Choose the correctly spelt word :
(1) farenheit (2) ferenheit
(3) fahrenheit (4) fahrenheight
“Archaic” means: (1) decent
(3) modern
Ans (4)
88. The antonym of BELLIGERENT is :
(1) cooperative (2) peaceful
(3) revolutionary (4) uninterested
Ans (2)
89. Choose the most appropriate preposition : A good judge never jumps the conclusion.
(1) to (2) into (3) on (4) for
Ans (1)
90. Mark the part which contains an error in the following sentence. If there is no error in it, mark (4) as your choice :
Although there are some similarities in the qualifications of the two candidates the differences among them are quite pronounced.
(1) Although (2) Two candidates
(3) Among (4) No error
Am, (3)
91. “Abysmal” means :
(1) vigour (2) explosion
(3) horrifying (4) mixed
( 92.” “Harangue” implies :
(1) lecture (2) quarrel
(3) beautify (4) run
Ans (2)
(93. “Goulash” stands for :
(1) top (2) stew (3) shoe (4) play
Ans (2) 94. “Impromptu” means :
(1) unimportant (2) unreal
(3) offhand (4) effective
Ans (3)
’95.) The synonym of PONTIFICAL is :
(1) boastful (2) wordy
(3) splendid (4) advisory
ALIS (3)
(-96. Choose the most appropriate preposition :
The patient was disappointed not finding the
doctor in his seat.
(1) at (2) on (3) from (4) in
‘,AI (2)
(97. \ The synonym of VANGUARD is :
(1) watchmen (2) protectors
(3) security men (4) forefront
Ans (4)
Explanation ‘Vanguard’ means formost part of army or fleet; moving forward.
98. The antonym of UNIMPEACHABLE is :
(2) blameworthy
(4) mysterious
, 99.’ Choose the most appropriate preposition : – Your conduct smacks recklessness.
(1) in (2) from (3) with (4) of
Ans (4)
10. ‘Choose the correctly spelt word :
(1) souvenir (2) suvenire
(3) suvenir (4) souvenire
Ans (1)
101. Ernest Hemingway was awarded the Nobel Prize for the novel :
(1) For Whom the Bell Tolls
(2) The Old Man and the Sea
(3) A Farewell to Arms
(4) The Sun Also Rise
Ans (2)
Explanation Some works of Hemingway are For Whom the Bell Tolls (1940), The Old Man and Sea (1952), A Farewell to Arms 1929, The Sun Also Rises (1926).
2. The character ‘Robert Jordan’ figures in:
(1) For Whom the Bell Tolls
(2) The Old Man and the Sea
(3) In Our Times
(4) A Farewell to Arms
Ans (4)
103. From which poem of Whitman are the following lines taken?
O powerful western fallen star 1
O shades of night—O—moody, tearful night!

colvec! ace 2009 71

(1) 0 Captain ! My Captain !
(2) When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed
(3) Crossing Brooklyn Ferry
(4) None of the above
Ans (4)
104. From which poem of Robert Frost are the following lines taken?
“They click upon themselves
As the breeze rises, and turn many coloured
(1) Birches (2) After Apple Picking
(3) Mending Wall (4) The Road Not Taken
Ans (2)
(al Which play of Shakespeare opens with the line
“If music be the food of log. play on :”?
(1) The Tempest (2) Tweifth Night
(3) Macbeth (4) Romeo and Juliet
Ans (2)
Explanation Some plays c = Shakespeare are Romeo and Juliet (1591, Tweitfh Night (1600-01), Macbeth (1606). Test 0610 .
106. In which poem do the followi_d_:. occur?
“They flash upon that inward
Which is the bliss of solitude
(1) The Education of Nate✓7:
(2) Daffodils
(3) The World is Too Mucin
(4) Tintern Abbey
Ans (2)
Explanation These line- – – – • – -70M the
poem ‘Daffodils’. Some :.-_s-.vorth are
The Education of Naiei ._.. The World is
Too Much with Us..
107, “Sir Bedivere”
(1) Morte D-Ardilll
(3) Locksley -an_ -=e
Ans (1)
108′, Who is the author of -tee- e-eare’?
(1) Tennyson (2)
(3) Matthew Arnold (4)
Ans (3)
109. Who has been regarded as a victorian
(1) Charles Dickens (3) Charles Kinsley (1)
“Under the Greenwood Tree” is a 7
(1) Thomas Hardy (2) C.harie..:, ens
(3) Thackeray (4) Geo:ze
Ans (1)
Explanation “Under the Greenwood Tree-. The Return of Nature, Far from the Madding Crowd are some novels by. Thomas Hardy.
Who was ‘Machiavelli’?
(1) A Florentine Statesman
(2) An American Statesman
(3) An Italian Statesman
(4) A French Statesman
Ans (3)
112. For whom Keats used the term ‘Egotistical Sublime’?
(1) Coleridge (2) Shelley
(3) Byron (4) Wordsworth
Ans (4)
Explanation S. T. Coleridge, P. B. Shelley, Byron and William Wordsworth are romantic poets.
Who was the father of ‘Essays’?
(1) Montague (2) Rousseau
(3) Wyatt (4) Dowden
Explanation Montague is called the father of `Essays’. The word ‘Essay’ means an attempt to write.
The essay ‘South Sea House’ has been written by
(1) Bacon (2) Lamb
(3) Stevenson (4) Addison
15,i Who used the epithet ‘Gentle hearted Charles’, for Charles Lamb?
(1) Wordsworth (2) Keats
(3) Browning (4) Coleridge
Ans (4)
116. Fill in the blank with most appropriate choice : The sun , the fog disappeared.
(1) is rising (2) have risen
(3) having risen (4) rises
Ans (3)
Explanation See Synthesis of Sentences.
117. Which kind of sentence is the following ? He confessed that he has committed the crime.
(1) Complex (2) Compound
(3) Simple (4) None of these   (1)
at is the meaning of the word ‘Demagogue’?
(1) An unprincipled popular leader
(2) A leader who changes political parties
(3) A leader who is committed to the nation
(4) None of the above
Ans (1)
Menagerie’ is the place for
(1) fish and water plants
(2) wild animals and birds
(3) ammunition and weapons
(4) enjoy good health
Ans (2)

1 )
`Prodigality’ : one’s waterloo”?
tr. Choose the correct antonym of the word at is the correct meaning of the idiom “To meet
(1) Parsimony (2) Frugal (1) To meet a new person
(3) Economical (4) Spendthrift (2) To visit a new place
Ans (3)\ (f)k,/ (3) To meet one’s final defeat
121. A teetotaller is : (4) None of the above
(1) one who totally abstains from wine Ares (3)
(2) one who does not take any intoxicating drinks 124 What do you mean by the idiom “Yeoman’s
(3) one who is very fond of sensuous enjoyments Service’?
(4) one who has irresistible desire for alcohol (1) Private work (2) Govt work
Ans (2) (3) Meanest work (4) Excellent work
1122: Replace the italicized portion in the following Ans (4)
sentence with one phrase : 125. Ganga is sacred river.
In the present times, the real sufferers are the (1) the (2) a
people belonging to the middle classes of society. (3) an (4) none of these
(1) Bourgeoisie (2) Elite Ans (2)
(3) Inter alia (4) Proletarian
Ans (1)


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