Privacy Policy

Visitors’ privacy is highly important for OPPN Media, and so we take our responsibility seriously to protect their data that they require to provide us at the time of user resister. We have developed a privacy policy comprising what we need, what are the main purpose behind it and what we do to protect it. Before you go for your further search of information at, you should have a look at the privacy policy we build to secure our visitors’ data.

While registering on, you can be asked to fill your personal information like your name, email address, mailing address, phone number and password. Users are considered to be engaged in a relationship so OPPN Media may need to communicate with them in order to deliver valuable information and services time to time.  Thus we need this data to provide a better user experience for you.

Users’ personal data is held in strict confidence. And we are committed not to sell or rent this data to 3rd parties. It will be used for purpose of improving communication and quality of services available on this website.

As we are going to launch some valuable e-books for sale on the site, so you may be asked to put your credit card or payment information only when you are going to buy any e-books. So don’t worry we will build our website fully compliant with PCI payment card industry before we launch e-books on it. We will make regular malware scans on our site to make it secure from hacking issues.  OPPN media will have SSL certificate. may contain links to other 3rd party sites which have their own privacy policies and do not come under our privacy policy. We strive to make sure these links are loyal and active, but we do not hold any responsibility for the content of these websites.

Privacy Policy For Authors and publishers

Customer data privacy is a primary concern for Customer information such as email address, passwords, phone number and others required for membership or account are stringently confidential. These can be used professionally only for providing services on the website. Your privacy is utmost significant aspect for us and so we are committed not to violate the trust you put on us. We understand our responsibility to protect your data strictly.

Your business and personal information will not be appeared on the website and not even on your articles. Only writer’s name and some other general information sent by author while posting article will show up on the page.

Authors have full control to edit or remove their articles. You can remove your account or articles. We are strictly committed not to sell or rent your email or other data in any way.


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