US Policy on Indo-Pak Peace Issue

The US has denied from playing any part in peace process between India and Pakistan unless both the countries do not agree to ask together. Senior official asserted that the best way to resolve the problem is to discuss directly by both the countries together on related points.

When it is talked about the peace between India and Pakistan, several questions strike the mind of those who have seen the prior attitude of Pakistan. Will Pakistan be agreed on the points to resolve the problem? Is it really Kashmir that is the main point of the controversy between India and Pakistan? Are you agreeing to the statement that the aggressiveness of Pakistan Army and people who come from the belief of Islam will turn to be harmonious towards India? Do you think that the terrorism from the Pakistan side will be abolished with the settlement of the Kashmir Issue?

Kashmir Issue Between India and Pakistan

Some of you can think that the main cause of the Pakistani Jihad is Kashmir. Some can say that Pakistani terrorists come to fight against the issue caused by the partition of India and Pakistan, but there are so many incidents that can give the evidence that the root cause of terrorism from Pakistan does not relate to the  Kashmir Issue. It is just an excuse to pour their poison created in the heart of almost every child from the very early childhood in Pakistan.

It is well-understood that even after the issue of Kashmir is settled, the terrorism will not be rooted out. They always need to satiate their aggressiveness for fighting or misusing their power.

If you explore the history of the issue of Line of Control, it will seem apparently that there are many events when both the countries have made a formal commitment for not to make any violence across the boundaries, but within a few days, Pakistan clears its real face with violence across the border. The past events have given a clear vision that India should understand that Pakistan will not be able to retain on its commitment. Pakistan will not leave its nature as the people of the country have developed such a mentality that will show its effect at times. Pakistan should develop a friendly environment with humanity.

Overall the US has made a solid statement clearing that the US gives importance equally to both the countries- India and Pakistan.


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