The hundred Dresses 2 MCQs Mock Test Sample paper

Welcome to your The hundred Dresses 2 MCQs Mock Test Sample paper

Q 11. Wanda asked Miss Mason to keep the drawings for the class as a:
Q12. What was special about the gifts given to Maddie and Peggy by Wanda?
Q13. Who wrote the letter received by Miss Mason?
Q14. What did the letter convey?
Q15. What else was mentioned in the letter?
Q16. How did Miss Mason feel about whatever happened with Wanda?
Q17. How would you describe Miss Mason's feelings towards the class?
Q18. What was just as bad as what Peggy had done?
Q19. What did Maddie think of herself after the letter was read out loud?
Q20. "So Peggy had the same idea! Maddie glowed" What was the idea?
Q21. What was Maddie reminded of by the Petronski's house?
Q22. What excuses does Peggy think of for her behaviour?
Q23. What important decision does Maddie take?
Q24. How did they contact Wanda?
Q 25. What did they write in the letter?
Q 26. Why did they think Wanda wouldn't reply?
Q27. Who was more anxious for a reply?
Q. 28 what did Maddie notice in the drawings?
Q29. What was the tone of Wanda's reply?
Q.30. What do you mean by picking on someone"?
Q31. What was Maddie's reaction on receiving the drawing?
Q32. What did Peggy infer from the drawing?
Q33. What was the description of the house which Maddie thought to be Wanda's house?
Q 34. The grass along the pathway to Wanda's house looked like
Q35. Wanda's house was.....
Q36 What was used to decorate the classroom on Christmas?
Q37. What was the colour of the dress in Peggye drawing?
Q38. Who wrote a letter to Wanda that Saturday afternoon?
Q39. Wanda wrote to Miss Mason that she had missed the school and the new teacher did not:

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