The Third Level MCQs, Mock test, Sample Paper

Welcome to your The Third Level MCQs, Mock Test, Sample Paper

Q11. What are the author's best known works?
Q12. What is the meaning of 'Waking dream wish fulfillment"?
Q13. What is the theme of the lesson?
Q14. How does the story begin?
Q15. What does the third level signify?
016. What is 'Waking dream wish fulfillment" according to the psychiatrist in the lesson?
Q17. Who was Charles' wife?
Q18. I just wanted to get home to:
Q19. I talked to a ........ friend of mine, among others.
Q20. What is Sam's letter to Charley's represent?
Q21. Of course the money was old-style bills, half again as big as the:
Q22. I found out that Sam bought eight hundred dollars' worth of old-style:
Q 23. What is Sam's tetter testimony to in the lesson proving?
Q24. In what way do we try to overcome the insecurities of the present harsh times?
Q 25. What is the significance of l894 In the lesson?
Q26. Who was Sam in The Third Level?
Q 27. Why did Charley visit Sam?
Q28. Does the third level really exist at Grand Station?
Q.29. The narrator happened to be on the third level on.
Q 30. What unusual thing does the narrator see at the Grand Central Station?
Q 31. Why was the narrator seeing this Third Level?
Q 32. What does the Psychiatrist explain to Charley?Add description here!
Q 33. How did Charley reach the Third Levet?
Q 34. What was the Third Level?
35. What did Charloy seo at the Third Level?
Q 36. Why was Loujsa, Charley's wife worried?
Q 37. Why does Charley want to visit Galesberg?
Q38. What does the Grand Central Station symbolise?
Q 39. Why do you think the Third Level was an escape for charley?
Q 40. What is First Day Cover?
Q41. When a new stamp is issued, stamp collectors buy some and use them to mail envelopes to themselves on the..
Q42. The stamp was slx-cent, dull brown, with a picture of ..
Q43. My three hundred dollars bought less than. Hundred in old-style bills.
Q44. What do you understand by the first day cover (The Third Level)?
45. How does the story Interweave fantasy and reality?
Q 46. What specific difference did Chartey notice at the Third Level of Central Station?
Q47. Where was Charloy ducked on Central Station?
Q48. What was the strangest thing at The Third Level?
Q49. Where was Charley often lost?
Q50. What did Charlay find In his stamp collection?
Q 51. What happens when Charley enters the Brand Central Station
Q 52. What convinced Charley that he had reached the Third Level Grand Central Station and not the second level?
Q53. Who had sent that First Day cover and when?
Q54. Whose signature were there on the letter?
Q 55. What did the letter state?
Q56. What was Sam invited for according to the letter?
Q57. What kind of appearances people had at Third level and why did the clerk refuse to accept money?
Q58. Who is the author of 'The Third Level?
Q59. What was Jack's full name?
Q60. Why was the author renamed?

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