How to Write an Article in Standard Format?

If you want us to publish your article on our high traffic site, just write an article maintaining the following format and send us.

Article Title

The title is the first thing that suggests readers about what they are going to read and has the first impression on them.  Title of your article is a tool that draws visitors to the rest content. It is not just a summary of your article, but it becomes a promise to make readers interested in their reading. It should suggest readers about how the article would help them. It should be user-friendly as well search engine-friendly.

Minimum Words: The title must have at least two unique words.

Maximum Characters: The title can include maximum 100 characters including spaces.

Upper and Lower Cases: The title should be in Upper and Lower Cases. The first Letter of each major word should be capitalized.

The first letter of each major word should be in uppercase and rest letters should be in lowercase. Generally prepositions like as- of, at, in, on and articles like as ‘a, an and the’ should be in lower case.

URL or Website: Title should not have URL, registered Trademark and copyright and others

HTML Coding: Don’t use HTML Coding in the title.

Repeated Words: Do not use repeated words and phrases in the title.

Author Name: Don’t use author’s name in the title as it appears automatically.

Punctuations that are not allowed in the article: The characters, that are not compatible with URL formatting, should not be used in title such as ~ & # < > ` (tab) (pipe) @ * … &

Punctuations that are allowed in the title: The following characters are allowed in the title = ‘ “$ %,? ! ( ) + [ ]- / \ : 

Key Word: Key word must be used in the title and almost every word used in the title should be described in the article.

Article Body

The body of the article should have informative, relevant and grammatical error-free content that can engage readers interestingly and satisfy their needs with exact information what they go through your article. The body should also fulfill the search engine needs.

Word Limit

Article body should contain minimum 400 words. The article with words less than 400 in number will not be accepted.

Title-based information in the body

Article’s body must have the solution or description of what the title promises. It should deliver exactly what people search for in reading the article promised by your title.


If article promises specific number of tips (10 tips to…), the body should have the same with right solution.

Body for “How to” titles

If your title begins with “How to” then article body should contain exact idea to solve the problem. Always avoid to offering weak advice such as “buy a book” or “search online”. With such thin advice, the article will lose the readers’ interest in future. So such kinds of articles are not accepted.

If your title has any specific location or other specific information, you should focus on the specific information in article body.

Key Words Rich Language

Use keywords rich language to grab readers and search engines to your article.

Keyword Density: You should maintain 1 to3% keyword density in the article body however better way is to use one keyword in every 100 words.

No Keyword stuffing: 

The keywords should not be stuffed in the article without proper sense. They should come naturally. Irrelative keywords should not be used.

Grammatically Correct Language:

Whether it is title or body content, it should be correct grammatically. It should make sense and should reflect exact what you want to convey to your audience.

Not a Promotional Appeal

Article should not be in the format of press release. It should not be professional. It should not promote any particular company highly. It can contain any specific information but should not promote any company or organization.


Article must not contain aspects of any individual, products, company or organization.

Pornography: The article having any profanity or pornographic are restricted. Before you post your articles please make sure that the article does not have any pornographic material.

Controversial or Illegal Content: The article having Controversial or illegal content will be rejected so avoid posting such kinds of articles.                                                                                                                                                                              

Article Summary:

Reflection of whole article

The summary should reflect your article’s benefits and purpose to draw targeted audience. It should create a curiosity in readers to read ahead.

Word Limit 

Articles summary must have 35 words but not accede 100 words.

Quality Content

Like title and body, summary also should have grammatical error-free content, effective sentence structure, right use of punctuation and capitalization.

Must not have

Make sure that summary must not include URL, email, website, HTML tags, paragraphs breaks, title, author’s name and Microsoft smart quotes.

Reserved Place

Promotional Content

You can put your promotional content in the in the bottom of your article. The specific or promotional place is in the bottom where promotional note can be used like as their link, URL, website, product or business.

Word Limit: Resource box should contain maximum 100 words.

Author Name

If you are putting author or company name here, it should be the same as the author or company listed in account.

Phone number or Email address

Make sure that you list only public or business phone number or email address. Always avoid to listing your personal and third party’s email address or phone number.

Include readers’ Interest

There is no need to use keywords in resource box, but you need to relate the content of resource box to the article body, and readers’ requirement and interest.