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Interjections Definition Uses Rules Examples and Exercise

Definition:- Interjections are those words that are used to denote the sudden feelings of heart or mind.  Interjections are used in exclamatory sentences. After interjection, exclamation mark (!) is used.…

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Conjunction Definition, Types, Uses, Examples, and Exercise

                                               Conjunctions (connector) Definition:- Conjunction is a word which joins two words or two sentences. There are two kinds of conjunction:- 1. Subordinating conjunctions (Subordinating Connector). 2. Coordinating conjunctions (co-coordinating…

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OPPN Media makes online learning rich and more efficient for school students, college students, job seekers, strugglers. With updated Information, learning tips, study material, English Grammar, English Speaking, personality development, and career, we make your education and career-building efforts successful.

English Learning: This category includes the tips of English learning, English Grammar, English Learning material, previous years’ papers of English exams, UP PGT English previous exam papers, English literary ages, writers’ biography, and their works. OPPN Media brings English learning solutions based on Grammar, Literature, 10th and 12th class CBSE papers and solutions, up PGT question papers, Net question papers, etc.

10th 12th Study Material: You can have study material for those who are studying in 9th to 12th classes. They can have English Grammar material for 9th to 12th students for CBSE and UP Board in common.

Chapter-wise explanation for class 9th to 12 will be available in the form of video lectures on the YouTube channel (OPPN Media).

Quiz and Mock Tests: If you want to take your preparation of English Grammar to the next level, you can register as a student at the website. Doing so will make you able to take a free English Grammar Course and you can attempt quizzes or mock tests available on almost every topic of English Grammar.

UP PGT Preparation: Candidates who are preparing for TGT and PGT in English can have proper material and exercise at OPPN Media. If you want any help and guideline, experts are available for your help.

UGC NET English: Candidates who are striving for UGC net in English will also have previous year exam papers, guidelines, and information about the UGC net. This platform is just for you guys.

Motivation: For good learning, the right motivation is essential for learners to keep their confidence up and to keep them on the right track. No one can deny from having a desire of being happy and healthy. Yes, this category covers the motivational articles, motivational stories, and experiences of life which will surely help you make your life successful, prosperous, happier, and healthier.

Personality Improvement and Self-Development: In the competitive scenario, achieving a high paying job is really a challenge. Here is what will make you rich with all such qualities and efficiencies in you.

Tips and guidelines for Students: Tips and guidelines are available here.

Updates: Updated information about CBSE, Universities, PGT, UGC UET, application forms, last dates, dates, Exams, etc.

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