A Message of Narendra Modi to Students through Man Ki Baat

Mr. Narendra Modi in “Man Ki Baat” touched many points regarding students. Starting from advice to Indians for caring themselves from heat, he said that summer has come to its peak and can have its harmful impact so all should take care of themselves. With many other topics in his speech, he congratulated the students…


Tips to Increase Mind Concentration while Studying

The time and effort you put in your study and even the mental powers you have been gifted with all are definitely counted as the basic factors determining your success in exams. But it is your way (how you utilize your time, effort, and brainpower) that determines the level of your success much more effectively….

How to Improve Communication skills in English?

Hi friends! In this lesson, we will discuss how to develop communication skills which are the first and foremost things determining one’s success. Your knowledge, working efficiency, dedication, and many others are counted for success, yet your effective communication skill is the thing that best presents your inner qualities. In the lack of communication skills, you have to face…