A Message of Narendra Modi to Students through Man Ki Baat

Mr. Narendra Modi in “Man Ki Baat” touched many points regarding students. Starting from advice to Indians for caring themselves from heat, he said that summer has come to its peak and can have its harmful impact so all should take care of themselves.

With many other topics in his speech, he congratulated the students on achieving success and guided them to search for their strong careers for the future. Along with them, he also appeared with the youth to connect their career to the country’s welfare so that the country may get the advantages of the youth energy to develop into a strong nation. He also suggested to those students who failed in the exams. He consoled them saying that they should not lose heart but they should take their failure as a positive point in their life as the failure can open you the better way for your career.

To prove the fact, he stated Mr. Abdul Kalam’s true incident what he himself wrote in his book. The fact is that Mr. Abdul Kalam wanted to be a pilot and he went through the procedure of selection for a pilot but he was rejected. The situation at the moment must have disappointed Mr. Abdul Kalam, but his rejection opened the way to what he was known for today. Suppose if they had been selected at the time, perhaps he would not have become a great scientist and President of India. That was the main point what Mr. Narendra Modi wanted to message to the students through “ Man Ki Baat”

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