Problems of Women and Solutions in Modern India

“Yatra Naryastu Pujyante, Ramante Tatra Devata” this is a famous sloka in Sanskrit, which means God resides where women are worshipped and respected. But the case is quite different in India. The country has a male-dominated society and there are many problems faced by women. Previously there were problems like Sati, child remarriage, purdah and exploitation of women. With the time these problems have been reduced to a great extent. But there are a number of other problems which are being faced by women of current India. Below are some of such important problems:

1: Increasing Violence against Women: Violence against women is not a new thing in India society. Women since ages have been victims of ill-treatment, humiliation, torture, and exploitation. Abduction, murder, rape, and torture are among other types of crimes to which women are being subjected to. The crime against women is increasing day by day in India during recent years. The Nirbhaya Case of 16th December 2012 in Delhi, which stormed the country, is an example of heinous crime against women. As per a report in the year 1994 in every 6 minutes a woman is being subjected to atrocious and every 47 minutes a woman is being raped. Women are not only facing crime outside the home, but they are ill-treated within the house too. Cases of domestic violence are increasing day by day.

Solution: Strict law and order against women violence can be the first step which the state and central government should take so that the crime in the house as well as outside the home can be controlled. The second important thing is girls education by which the females can be aware of the rights and law and order, and other kinds of support provided to them by different organizations. Awareness would give them the strength to raise their voice against their exploitation.  Many of those who are tortured have the desire to go against the crime done to her, but they don’t exactly know where to go and what to do, because they lack in the knowledge required. So education is the mightiest weapon which will help them fight their war throughout life. As a parent, if you are able to make your daughter educated, you have given her strength to face almost every chance against her.

2. Gender Discrimination: Gender discrimination is a very ingrained problem in India. Starting from the birth a girl has always been discriminated and boys are considered superior. Most of the families feel sad when a girl is born and due to this, the female count is decreasing day by day. Male always have greater scope regarding occupational avenues. In India household works like cleaning, cooking and serving family members are termed as women’s work and hardly any male does them. In Indian families, the voice of women is always trying to be suppressed. Women workers are always paid less in comparison to the male workers and in terms of promotion and increment also usually discrimination is being done. Apart from the film industry and politics, women are not given equal importance like men.

Solution: By now, in India, the job options for women are limited. A tendency has been set that the women cannot go much far from their residential places, and they cannot do the work which needs high risk-taking capability. That is why they go for the jobs which are nearby and have low-risk possibilities in this way they have to compromise with the salary.

Women will have to become stronger enough to go to a remote place and develop the strength to face every professional challenge.

3. Problems of Female Education: “If you teach a man you teach a single person, but if you teach a woman you teach a whole family.” The importance of female education can be very aptly described by the above lines. Still, in India, we find a large difference in the level of education between men and women. It is found that girls are being discouraged to go for higher education and also for professional and technical education. In states like Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Orrisa the education of girls is still neglected. The drop out of female children from schools and colleges is very large when compared to male.

Solution: Government should promote girl students and their parents to pursue higher education by providing them educational facilities and relaxation in the fee. Parents should come out of boxes; they should break the bars of the conservative ideology of the past. They should be open to sending their daughters to remote areas in different job sectors.

Others: These three are the major problems faced by women in India. Others problems are related to the unemployment of women, harassment of women at the workplace, exploitation of women in the media and the problems of dowry. The path to a better India can only be covered when men and women walk hand-in-hand.

Solution: Education, readiness to go for different job sectors, developing the strength to raise their voice against crime, becoming self depend and developing their own businesses are some of the things that can become the solution of women’s problems. Thus they can enjoy their stress-free and healthy life.

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