Reasons that Led to Success of Modi and BJP in 2014 Election

In the Lok Sabha elections after 30 years, any party(BJP) won a clear majority in the 2014 election.  After a month-long election and the largest in the world, Indians selected their next government and Prime Minister. NDA led by the Bhartiya Janta Party won 336 seats out of the 543 Lok sabha seats. Narendra Modi the Prime Ministerial candidate of NDA swore as the Prime Minister of India on 21 May 2014. The question arose what helped Modi and his team to merge victorious in these elections? There were certain factors which helped BJP to root out the oldest party of the country i.e. Congress. 

The biggest factor which helped BJP was the anger of people regarding the corruption which was widely spread out in the country. During the UPA government, the country witnessed some of the largest scams like coal scam, 2G scam, narega scheme and many more. This anger also led to the born of a new party in India, which got impressive results in Delhi elections. BJP made the corruption free India a big agenda which worked for them. Citizens of India believe that Modi has the power to stop the corruption which has reached to the grass-root level in the country.

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The next greatest help was the connection the party made with the youth of the country. India is a country in which the maximum population is youth so to win the elections, it is very important to touch the heart of youth. NDA promised to provide employment for the youth. In this way youth seemed to be more connected to Narendra Modi rather than Rahul Gandhi. The youth wanted to rise above the cast bade politics and vote for the development and bright future of the country. This was the reason why though BJP being touted as a Hindu party got votes from all religions.  

Social media also acted as a great medium to connect with the millions of citizens of the country. The social media sites were flooded with posts which praised Narendra Modi and the BJP. The selfies of the prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi went viral on Facebook and other social media sites. Narendra Modi directly engaged with voters by tweeting daily. The slogan “Achhe din ane wale hai” tweeted by Modi became the tweet which has been retweeted the most number of times.  The campaign was purely tech savvy, which acted as a powerful medium to communicate with the people.

BJP promised to put its best efforts to speed up the economic growth of the country which was miserably slowed down in the last decade. The party resonated for bringing a change in the country by trying to bring the inflation down. Gujarat was touted as the model of Success during the entire voting campaign and the party promised to bring such change in the entire country. Some of the biggest corporate leaders of the country also backed Modi as they believed he could bring a positive change in the country. Giving an example of the infrastructural development in the State of Gujarat, BJP promised to bring similar changes in the entire country.

Now the country is waiting to see what changes the new government would bring. Click to Read The Biography of Narendra Modi, The Prime Minister Of India

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