MCQs of Section: B (Grammar)

Quiz on Noun

Quiz on Pronoun

Quiz on Adjectives

Quiz on Articles

Quiz on Modals

Quiz on Prepositions

Quiz on Direct and Indirect

Quiz on Idioms and Phrases

Quiz on One Word Substitutions

i. Tenses

ii. Modals

iii. Subject – verb concord

iv. Reported speech

a. Commands and requests

b. Statements

c. Questions

v. Determiners

Deleted Grammar Chapters

Use of Passive Voice (Deleted)

Clauses: Noun, Adverb Clauses of condition and time, Relative (Deleted)

Prepositions (Deleted)

Book.1-First Flight (Reader)

Chapter 1: A Letter to God

Poem: Dust of Snow-Robert Frost

Poem: Fire and Ice Robert Frost

Chapter 2: Nelson Mandela Long Walk to Freedom

 Poem: A Tiger in the Zoo Leslie Norris

Chapter 3: Two Stories about Flying

MCQs of Hist First Flight

Black Aeroplane

Poem: How to Tell Wild Animals (Deleted)

Poem: The Ball Poem (Poem)

Chapter 4: From the Diary of Anne Frank

Poem: Amanda- by Robin Klein

Chapter 5: The Hundred Dresses – I

Chapter 6: The Hundred Dresses – II

Poem: Animals Poem by Walt Whitman

Chapter 7: Glimpses of India

A Baker from Goa


Tea from Assam

 Poem: Trees (Deleted)

Chapter 8: Mijbil the Otter (Deleted)

Fog (Deleted)

Chapter 9: Madam Rides the Bus

Chapter 10: The Sermon at Benares

Chapter 11: The Proposal

For Anne Gregory (Deleted)

MCQs of Book.2-Footprints without Feet (Supplementary)

Chapter 1: A Triumph of Surgery

Chapter 2: The Thief’s Story

Chapter 3: The Midnight Visitor (Deleted)

Chapter 4: A Question of Trust (Deleted)

Chapter 5: Footprints without Feet

Chapter 6: The Making of a Scientist

Chapter 7: The Necklace

Chapter 8: The Hack Driver

Chapter 9: Bholi

Chapter 10: The Book That Saved the Earth (Deleted)

Complete English Grammar