From the Diary of Anne Frank MCQs Mock Test of 10th Class

Welcome to your From the Diary of Anne Frank MCQs Mock Test of 10th Class

Question 1. How many siblings did Anne have?

Question 2. What name was her book published with?

Question 3. What was the subject on which she had to write?

Question 4. What was topic of the essay written by Anne?

Question 5. How does the Anne explain his father?

Question 6. Who is Anne’s long awaited friend?

Question 7. How does she want to begin her diary?

Question 8. On which date did Anne record the incident in Mr Keesing’s class in her diary?

Question 9. In which city were Anne and Margot sent to live with their grandmother?

Question 10. Who was the only survivor from Anne’s family

Q11. How old was Anne's father when he married her mother?

Q 12. Edith Hellander frank is the name of ……….

Q13. Why was writing in a diary a strange experience for Anne?

Q14. Who would Anne allow to read her diary?

Q15. Why does Anne want to keep a diary?

Q16. What did she name her diary?

Q17. Why does she give a brief sketch about her family in the diary?

Q18. Which subject was she not sure of passing?

Q19. Why was Mr. Keesing annoyed with her?

Q20. Which topic was she to write an essay on as a part of her punishment?

Q.21 What language was the diary originally written in?

Q22. How did Anne justify her being talkative in the essay?

Q23. What shows Anne's love for her grandmother?

Q 24. Why does Anne think she was lonely?

Q25. Why was she unable to get closer to her already existing friends?

Q26. What would the kids bet about in class?

Q 27. What did she write in her last essay?

Q28. When was the diary given to Anne?

Q 29. When was Anne’s born

Q30. Why did she not want to give a brief in the diary at first?

Q 31. Anne frank had sister………year old.

Q32. What was the name of Anne Frank's sister?

Q33. What was Anne Frank's full name?

Q34. What is the student trait?

Q35. Mrs. ……………. was the headmistress of Anne’s first school.