Terms of Uses

OPPN Media brings valuable information through Classifieds, ads, articles, and e-books published on the website under the following terms and conditions set for users. So please read these ‘Terms of Uses’ carefully. Visiting the website for valuable knowledge, guideline, tips, solutions, posting articles or ads will ensure that you accept terms and conditions at the website. If you don’t agree to one or more points noted, you are prohibited to visit the site.

Articles, classifieds, and E-books at oppnmedia.com have been written on the bases of the author’s own experience. Though the authors have tried to extract valuable facts from their long experience of life, and they have touched only the topics which they have in-depth knowledge of, yet people’s view may differ on one or more points. We believe the classifieds, write-ups, and e-books will help readers from different walks of life, yet we don’t hold any guarantee for 100% result in what you do according to the information posted on it. 

The content on OPPN Media is protected by copyright. Using any part of the content from a professional perspective without the written permission of the site’s owner is a legal offense.

About the Materials on the Linked Sites

OPPN Media offers free opportunity to publish articles and classifieds, and build links to the site without any registration to the site. Oppnmedia.com may have links of third party sites publishing information or selling services and products. We neither go to review the websites linked to OPPN Media’ website nor are responsible for information, product and services on these linked sites. So, users are essentially suggested to use information, products or services on the linked sites after they get satisfaction in their particular search going through the accuracy, credibility, and loyalty of these sites.

Terms and Conditions for Posting Free Classifieds Ads

OPPN Media brings opportunities for sellers and buyers to meet their requirements on the platform under the following terms of use. By using the free classifieds platform, you ensure your understanding and acceptance of these terms of uses.

OPPN Media acts just as a venue or platform that allows only the users who comply with the terms and conditions to offer, buy and sell services and products on it. Though you may make transactions, yet OPPN Media is neither involved in such transactions nor be responsible for it in any way. The quality and features of any product and services posted on it are not guaranteed by the site. OPPN Media suggests buyers be very particular in finding out the genuineness of products and services before making a deal.  The deal done with the third party will be at your own risk.

For Classifieds AdsPublishers:

Regarding Classifieds Material

You must make sure that classified you are going to post does not contain any controversial or adult or uncivilized topics. At OPPN Ads, we strive to maintain clean material for our worldwide visitors and buyers. Every classified must have fresh, grammar-error free and unique content. Publishing copied, adult, controversial and uncivilized content is strictly prohibited.

Disclaim from OPPN Media Site for Buyers and Users

The classifieds and ads on OPPN Media are published by businesses and individuals directly. OPPN Media makes no warranties for accuracy and relevancy of its information. The site does not claim for its fitness for users’ particular purpose; though we expect of publishing quality, informative and genuine content. Users can use the information or buy the products on their own risks. 

Terms and Conditions for Posting Articles

Terms for Article Format

In case we find your content weak or poor based on grammar, relevancy, accuracy, keyword stuffing and promotional issues, your article can be rejected without any prior information. That is why every author is suggested to edit their articles attentively before they post it on the website. Make sure that your article best matches the format suggested in “Guideline for Article Format”

Terms for Article Publication

OPPN Media is a free article publishing platform. You can be a member and can publish a maximum of 10 articles within a month. Once you post your quality, informative and unique articles, they will usually be on the website for a long time however we reserve the right to remove some out-dated articles after a certain period of 6 months to maintain fresh content on the website.

Article Material

You must make sure that the article you are going to publish does not contain any controversial or uncivilized topics like hatred, bigotry, profanity or racism. At OPPN Media we strive to maintain clean and relevant material for our worldwide users. Every article must have fresh, grammar-error free and unique content. Publishing copied content may lead to the cancelation of the author’s account.

Terms and Conditions for Using Content 

The content with proper guidelines, information and knowledge are published on the OPPN Media website for solving users’ problems. Users can read and use the material for personal viewing only. They cannot modify or copy this material. Users are also strictly prohibited to use the material for commercial purposes.


The articles on OPPN Media are published directly by authors or experts. Though we expect of publishing quality, informative and genuine content, yet OPPN Media makes no warranties for accuracy and relevancy of information and its fitness for any particular purpose. Users can use the information or knowledge on their own risks.  The materials on OPPN Media’s website may include some sorts of errors based on Grammar, photography, typography and other techniques. We do not warrant that the material on the website is correct, accurate, certified, and complete and fits your purpose.


OPPN Media and its suppliers hold no responsibility for any damage such as data loss, revenue loss, traffic loss and any other loss to your business or website arisen out of the use of materials on the OPPN Media website site.

Law for Any Claim or Dispute

Any claim relating to OPPN Media’s website will be governed by the laws of the U.P. Government.

Modification in Terms and Conditions

OPPN Media reserves all rights to improvise or change terms and conditions at any time without any prior notice to its users. So, all users are requested to keep visiting the “Terms of Uses” page on the site to have updates in them.