Footprints without Feet MCQs Mock Test of 10th Class

Welcome to your Footprints without Feet MCQs Mock Test of 10th Class

Q1- What is the name of author of the story "Footprints without Feet"?

Q2- "THE two boys started in surprise at the fresh muddy imprints of a pair of _____"

Q3- Where he was leaving his imprints?

Q4- Another terms/term for ''Bewildered''.

Q5-Whowas being followed by the boys?

Q6- What was he working on?

Q7- Griffin was rather a _________ person ,though he was a'' Brilliant scientist''.

Q8- What was done by Griffin to take hi revenge?

Q9- Griffin’s body became as transparent as _____

Q10- What proposes that he was a unsettled wanderer?

Q11- Why was it a bad time to wander in London?

Q12- Where did he find relaxation in London?

Q13- Where did he go later?

Q14- What was taken by him from there?

Q15- How did Griffin finally free ?

Q16- Where did he go after leaving london?

Q17- What was an abnormal event?

Q18- Griffin had no interest in having a conversation with Mrs Hall because he:

Q19- What do you understand by the word "eccentric"?

Q20- Why does Mrs Hall find the scientist eccentric?

Q21- Why was Mrs Hall prepared and ready to tolerate strange habits and irritable nature ?

Q22- What does the first meet tell us about Mrs Hall?

Q23- What is being associated to as the "strange incident" that occured in the study?

Q24- Who called the event "an extraordinary affair"?

Q25- According to her what happened with the furniture?

Q26- What do you understand by the word "hysterics"?

Q27- What caused the villagers to doubt the scientist?

Q28- "The scientist was always _____; now he became furious."

Q29- What was easier said than done?

Q30- What was the location of theatrical company?

Q31-Which of the following gives the correct meaning of of the word pannicked?

Q32-Whose house did Griffin set on fire?

Q33-Griffin left his muddy footprints on the steps of a house in the middle of.

Q34-What was Griffin’s discovery as in the chapter;Footprints without Feet?

Q35-What did Griffin do after he set the house on fire?

Q36-Where did the Griffin sleep?

Q37-What was the name of the landlady at the iping inn,asin the chapter ?

Q38-Why was it a bad time to wander about in london without clothes?

Q39-Griffin discovered a medicine that could make his body.

Q40- For what did Griffin enter the big London store?

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