The Thief’s Story MCQs Mock Test of 10th Class Footprints

Welcome to your The Thief’s Story MCQs Mock Test of 10th Class Footprints

Question 1. Meaning of the word “unlined” is-

Question 2. Name the shop above which Anil lived -

Question 3. Did Anil say anything about the robbery?

Question 4. How, according to the narrator, would Anil feel upon finding out?

Question 5. The amount of money which was stolen by Hari was-

Question 6. Among the following ,who is easier to rob?

Question 7. “a queer way to earn money”..Tell me the meaning of ''queer'' used in this sentence .

Question 8. What did Anil promise him to teach?

Question 9. How was the meal he cooked first night?

Question 10. The name which was told by the thief to Anil was-

Question 11. How often did he change his name?

Question 12. How did the narrator attempt at being friends with Anil?

Question 13. In what way ,has the narrator described Anil?

Question 14. What was the boy’s age?

Question 15. What is he a “fairly successful hand” at?

Question 16. The promise made by the thief to boy was-

Question 17. Which of the following traits describes Anil?

Question 18. The boy’s real profession was __________

Question 19. What did Anil do to the food cooked by the boy the first day?

Question 20. For a perfect living, what did Anil do?

Question 21. Age of Anil was _________

Question 22. What was the name of the thief boy?

Question 23- According to the extract, the young boy was watching the wrestling match because he

Question 24- ‘I hadn’t had much luck of late’ means that the boy hadn’t

Question 25- ‘I might be able to get into the young man’s confidence.’ Choose the option that DOES NOT display what the statement means.

Question 26- Anil looked easy-going, kind and simple to the narrator. Which of the given characteristics would NOT fit in with this description?

Question 27- Based on the line, “A little flattery helps in making friends.”, choose the option that displays the quote closest in meaning.

Question 28- Anil made money ‘by fits and starts’ means that he

Question 29- The information in the extract suggests that Anil could be a

Question 30- If borrow: :lend, then pick the ODD pair from the options below

Question 31- The reference to making a little money ‘this way’ refers to a way that is viewed by most people as

Question 32- Based on your understanding of Anil in the extract, choose the option that synchronises with his thinking.

Question 33- Antonym of the word ''Deserted'' is -

Question -34 At the beginning of the story the thief met with a fellow named –

Question -35 Anil was a ——–.

Question 36: Anil instructed the thief to sleep on the –

Question 37: The thief used to take ——- from the money everyday which was given by Anil for grocery shopping.

Question 38: Anil put the money –

Question 39: There was a little lit of light over Anil’s bed because of –

Question 40: Hari planned to leave the city by —— after stealing the money from Anil.

Question 41: Hari planned to catch —– while escaping.

Question 42: Hari kept all the stolen notes in his –

Question 43: It was the time of —— when the incident happened.

Question 44: At the incident night Hari took shelter –

Question 45: It was —— by the clock tower.

Question 46: Anil gave RS ——- to Hari from the stolen money.

Question 47: Hari was actually supposed to loss ——- by stealing money.

Question 48: Hari got ——– after returning.

Question 49: What did Anil do to the food cooked by the boy the first day?

Question 50: What did Anil do with the money when he received a cheque?

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