Triumph of Surgery MCQs Mock Test of 10th Class Footprints

Welcome to your Triumph of Surgery MCQs Mock Test of 10th Class Footprints

Question 1. Whom was Mrs. Pumphrey worried about?

Q.2 The story "A Triumph of Surgery" is written by -

Question 3. How did ‘hick; look?

Q4- In the story , the person described as ''I'' is -

Question 5. Where was Tricki taken by Mr. Herriot?

Q6- what is the name of the veterinary surgeon who saved Tricki's life -

Q7- According to Mrs.Pumphrey Tricki was suffering from which of the followimg problem-

Question 8. What did the surgeon offer Tricki at his health centre?

Q9- Did Tricki's mistress cut down on food and sweets as was prescribed?

Q.10 - Hodgkin is a ________ by profession.

Q.11- Name the game which was felt difficult to be played by Tricki -

Q.12- The advise given by veterinary doctor to Mrs. Pumprey for Tricki was-

Q.13- Was James Herriot expecting for a call from Tricki's mistress?

Q.14- Another term/terms for ''Distraught'' is/are-

Q.15-When Tricki fall ill, how was he acting?

Q.16- What was/were the suggestion/suggestions according to the vet ?

Q17- What was the reason due to which other dogs were not giving attention at Tricki ?

Q18- For how many days/hours Tricki does not eat anything?

Q19- Joe was ________

Q.20- What mindset did the dogs have about the food ?

Q.21- The word similar to ''Jostling'' is-

Q.22- ''Scrimmage'' also meant for-

Q.23- In the group of other dogs, Tricki was considered as-

Q.24- Meaning of the word '' Convalescing'' is-

Q.25- The item which was brought firstly by Mrs. Pumphrey was -

Q.26- The benefits taken by the staff from Mrs. Pumphrey's overdoings and overcaring are-

Q.27- After a fortnight, which circumstances made veterinary doctor to call Mrs. Pumphrey?

Q.28- "In two weeks he had been transformed into a lithe, hard-musled animal" . Here, the word lithe means-

Q.29- Out of these items, which items are used by them?

Q.30- Which of the following word satisfies Mrs. Pumphrey's character?

Q.31- Out of these, veterinary surgeon was__________.

Q.32- On noticing Mrs. Pumphrey, was Tricki happy?

Q.33- Whom do you blame for Tricki's miserablr condition ?

Q.34- As a permanent guest, why is the narrator desiring to keep Tricki?

Q.35- What was Tricki’s main guilt?

Q .36 Which kind of woman was Mrs. Pumphrey?

Q .37- “I think I know a cure for you.” Here ''I'' refers to?

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