Mock test on Direct and Indirect

Welcome to your Mock test on Direct and Indirect

1. She said to me, I shall see you as soon as I get time." She told me.” Champa told me that:

2. Champa said to me, "Your plane will leave if you do not go at once.

3. Nitish said to me, "When did you buy this pen?" Nitish asked me :

4. She said to me, "Are you going to market?" She enquired of me:

5. Kamini said to me, "Why did you not change your clothes?" Kamini asked me :

6. Umesh said to me, "Have you read that novel?" Umesh asked me :

7. He said to his friend, "Wait here till father comes." He requested his friend :

8. She said to her maid, "Run and catch the thief." She ordered her maid :

9. Anita said Sunita, "What are you doing?" Anita asked Sunita :

10. Sundari said to me, "Are you meeting me today?" Sundari enquired of me:

11. My mother said to me, "Don't quarrel among yourselves." My mother:

12. Her father said to her mother, "Excuse the daughter.” Her father :

13. She said to me, "I shall forgive you."

14. I said to her, "It was very hot last night." I told her:

15. She said to me, “I thank you for the help you have given.”

16. Mohini said to me, "Trust in God." Mohini advised me:

17. I said to him, "Let us go to school." I proposed him:

18. Rajni said, “May God bless you !" Rajni :

19. My mother said to me, "Do not have so many friends." My mother forbade me :

20. Ram said, “Pay attention to me." Ram asked:

21. He said, “I am reading my book.' He:

22. He said to me, "You can teach me." He:

23. The father said, "He is a good boy." The father :

24. The saint said, "We are mortals." The saint:

25. The judge says, “I shall punish the criminal." The judge :

26. The student will say, "I cannot do this question." The student :

27. My friend said, "Honesty is the best policy." My friend :

28. The teacher said, “Ramesh is a good boy." The teacher:

29. All will say, "The people should not use atom bomb."

30. The milkman says, "My cow does not give much milk." The milkman :

31. The teacher said to me, "Have you read this book?" The teacher:

32. My friend said to me, "Where do you go daily?" My friend :