Two Stories of Flying MCQs Mock Test of 10th First Flight

Welcome to your Two Stories of Flying MCQs Mock Test of 10th First Flight

Question 1. What food did the seagull’s mother get for it?

Question 2. What was the pilot not sorry about?

Question 3. Why was the aeroplane twisting in the air?

Question 4. What was the purpose behind calling Paris Control?

Question 5. Why was the seagull exhausted?

Question 6. What was the seagull afraid of?

Question 7. Who give Young Seagull a piece of fish?

Question 8. The pilot was not able to ___ anything

Question 9. Why didn’t the pilot turn the aeroplane back towards Paris?

Question 10. Which of the pilot’s intruments stopped working first?

Q11. The young seagull's family had landed on the:

Q12. Which helped in seagull to overcome his fear?

Q13. Who is the author of His First Flight?

Q14. The lesson His First Flight' is about a………

Q15. Why was he afraid to fly?

Q16. What did his parents threaten him with if he didn't flew away?

Q17. What were his parents teaching his brothers and sisters?

Q18. The sight of maddened him

Q19. What urged him to make his first flight?

Q20. Why did his mother stop midway while giving him the fish?

Q 21. What did the seagull pretend was happening to him so that he could take his first flight?

Q22. What food did the seagull's mother get for it?

Q 23 . "They looked like black mountains standing in front of me across the sky. What looked like black mountains?

Q24. What risk did the pilot take?

Q.24 Who is the author of Black Aeroplane?

Q25. The title Black Aeroplane is based on:

Q26. The pilot was flying from

Q27. What was the name of the aeroplane that the pilot was flying?

Q28. The pilot was not able to anything

Q29. What was the pilot looking forward?

Q30. Which control station did the pilot contact on his way?

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