Mock Test on One Word Substitution

Welcome to your Mock Test on One Word Substitution

1. A suite is of:
2. Choose the most appropriate one-word substitute for the expression given below. 'an office with good salary but no work’
3. A comprehensive term for any proceeding in a court of law whereby an individual seeks a legal remedy
4. Choose the most appropriate one-word substitute for the expression given below: 'a supporter of the cause of women'
5. A set of garments for outerwear all of the same fabric and colour
6. Choose the correct word for the expression given below: 'a room for the display of works of art'
7. Apes:
8. Which of the following means 'a charlatan?
9. Cats:
10. The appropriate meaning of 'El Dorado' is:
11. Elephants
12. What word do we use for a person who is morbidly concerned with his health?
13. Female swan is known as:
14. Reticule is a,
15. Mice:
16. What is "Promenade?
17. The dogs:
18. What word is used for a person who has a tendency to steal?
19. Owls:
20. A woman who lures men to destroy them. She is:
21. Puppies:
22. The theft of literary ideas and material is known as:
23. The offspring of deer is:
24. When a woman has more than two or more husband, she is known as:
25. The offspring of fish is:
26. A man who speaks more than one language is:
27. Fishes are kept in:
28. A man who believes in many gods is:
29. Weapons are kept in
30. The group term for girls or young women is.
31. A lunatic lives in
32. The group term for the worshippers is;
33. Aden is the living place of
34. A fleet is of
35. A dog lives in:
36. A hive is of:
37. Wine is made in:
38. The group term for hounds / playing cards is:
39. Leather is made in:
40. A sheaf is of
41. Coins are made in:
42. Curios are kept in
43. Luggage at a railway station is kept in
44. Aeroplanes are kept in:

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