Mock Test on Idioms And Phrases

Welcome to your Mock Test on Idioms And Phrases

1. Can't see the wood for the trees:

2. Lion's share

3. Blow one's own trumpet :

4. Out of question:

5. A gala day:

6. Up to the mark:

7. A hard nut to crack:

8. With open arms:

9. A man of straw:

10. An axe to grind:

11. A turn coat:

12. Beat a retreat:

14. A fool's paradise :

15. Be on the horns of a dilemma:

16. A white elephant

17. At the eleventh hour :

18. Make hay while the sun shines

19. In the arms of Morpheus :

20. Pull the wool over one's eye:

21. Call a spade a spade :

22. Rise to the occasion

23. By hook or crook:

24. Turn over a new leaf:

25. Crocodile tears :

26. Too many irons in the fire:

27. Beat about the bush:

28. To cut the Gordian knot:

29. Born with a silver spoon :

30. Face the music:

31. Bid fair :

32. To let the eat out of the bag:

33. Blow hot and cold :

34. Laugh up one's sleeve:

35. Hit the nail on the head:

36. Kick up a row:

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