10 Wardrobe Basics an Indian Woman Must Have

Do you keep your wardrobe maintained with your essential items? Or do you hardly have any item in it? As you take great care to maintain your health, you require to maintain your personality with quality clothing. Let us know the most important items that should necessarily enrich your wardrobe. As a modern woman, you would like the following essential items to keep in your wardrobe. The collection in the wardrobe should include a large number of items, but here is a list of five most important and essential items. The list will help you maintain your wardrobe better and smarter, and stay stylish.

A Formal Dress

If you are a woman working in any organization like a finance company, digital marketing company, etc, it is highly essential to have at least one formal outfit in your wardrobe. For it, you can choose the best fit formal from a huge range available in the market. Your formal dress can include a shirt or simple top and a blazer along with well fitted black or gray trousers. This dress will give you a professional look.

 Versatile Handbag

A perfect handbag is also a very essential part of your wardrobe. This beautiful handbag will complement pretty much your graceful attire. You can choose oversized bags in popping bright colors or a simple black bag depending on your personality and choice. To your preferred one, you can see ads of numerous kinds of handbags at OPPN Media, a platform of free classifieds.

A Pair of Black Heels

If you don’t have a pair of black heals, shop them and maintain your wardrobe. The pair of black heels will add the beauty of your outfits. It will add glamour. In case you need a few inches of height to the entire look, this pair of black heels will add it to your personality.

A Set of Lipsticks

When it comes to the beauty of women, lippies are the first things that are used by the women to add it. The market is full of different shades of red lipstick that will add some color and glamour to your face.

A Beautiful Saree and Blouse

If you are an Indian woman, you know Indian women’s wardrobe cannot be completed without a beautiful Saree and complementary blouse that give an amazing look with a traditional and cultural theme. Huge options are before you when you like to choose a Saree for you. Designer and party wear sarees in different fabrics are available in the market. You must have at least one Saree in your wardrobe. 

Shorts: If you are an adventure lover and often seek to go out, your wardrobe is incomplete without denim shorts. Unlike your other fashionables, this look is a little formal, and if you like to go for outdoor adventure with sheer confidence then with the denim shorts you can rock. It does not only gives you a stunning look but also gives you all the comfort you require for a whole day-long adventure.


Being an Indian woman, you must have been interested in popular Indian Dress-Salwar and Suit, no matter what all other you stock up in your wardrobe. When you demand great comfort in the Indian look, you would like to open your wardrobe for a beautiful Salwar-suit. That is why don’t forget to enrich your wardrobe with at least a pair of Salwar-suit. 

 I hope that you find the tips helpful and you will enjoy it once you try out these essentials.

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