How to Become Fit and Healthy?

How to Become Fit and Healthy?

Staying fit and healthy does not only depend on how nutritional food we eat, but it also depends on how we use the energy got from the nutritional food. Based on the particular theory, the break down in health can be categorized into two- bad health due to imbalanced food and second bad health due to improper use of energy. Imbalanced food, the first cause of bad health, can be clear for most of you but I am sure most of you can take it a surprising thing that how we do misuse of the energy taken by food. Actually, majority of the people complaining for bad health come under the second category. We would have a detail discussion on both the types under separate subtitles.

Eat Balanced and Nutritional Food

Our body needs energy to function well. Sometimes we don’t care about what we eat and ignore a balanced diet. We generally eat fast food and junk food because of their addicted taste but of course we generally forget that it is at the cost of our health. Sometimes our daily routine compel us to take a same kinds of food daily while our body needs all kinds of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibers and other elements that can be found on a variety of food. So we take fresh vegetables, fruits, pulses, cereals, milk and other edible products in proper ratio.

What is misuse of energy and how can it be checked?     

You cannot deny of the fact to be true that man is awarded with power to do miracles, but most of the energy goes waste. Our worries, fear, tension, stress, uncontrolled desires, mental disturbance, diverted mind are some things for which we waste our unlimited time and energy.

There are a few points to be followed that will give you better understanding about how we waste energy and how we can rein ourselves doing so. These points will help you come to the right track of how to become fit and healthy.

Mind set                                        

Before going to the second topic, one surprising thing what I would like to discuss is that our brain consumes much more energy than other parts of the body consume collectively. The cells of the distressed mind consume energy more than they consume when they are free. If you have depressed, stressed, strained, confused and diverted mind, you cannot even expect of being energetic, healthy and fit. You might have realized that whenever you are under pressure, you feel fatigue only after two hours work. But if you work enjoying it, you never feel the same fatigue even after 6 hours work. The reason behind is only that during pressure and stress, mind has to work much more. So, it is necessary to learn how to work without stress. And for it mind set is must.  Unwavering faith and firm determination in your ideology will help you let your mind free.


Clear Concept of Life

Make a clear concept of life about what you want to achieve in life, what is your purpose? And what are your preferences in life. Figure out everything clearly and don’t let your mind confused uselessly. It is sometimes when people don’t set their aim and preferences of their life and waste their time thinking diverted topics to do. The diversion and confusion make their brain’s cells indulged in doing something every time and thus they consume a big part of energy what you get. If you are able enough to make your life’s concept- aim and preferences fixed, you can let you mind rest and energy can be saved from wasting uselessly.

Systematic Daily Routine

A disturbed daily routine is also a cause of misuse of energy.  If our daily schedule is not set well, it will not only affect our work flow, but also it will make our mind work in different directions and it will harm our mind’s creativity, sharpness and memory. Energy loss done likewise makes us weak, unhealthy and even ill. If you make your daily routine systematic, you would be able to save your energy from wasting uselessly.

Daily Exercise       

Do you know why every health expert advice to do daily exercise? Well, daily exercise gives movement to every part of body and accelerates its functionality. Different internal organs and glands are instigated to secrete their hormones and enzymes what are needed to make your body fit. Main sources of energy are fat and varied forms of sugar. But if these are not used by the body parts they get stored in the body and make you unfit.  If you exercise daily, the fat burns and helps cells in generating mitochondria in the body that are called powerhouse. These mitochondria are supplied to the different parts as energy sources.


Controlled Desires

In the fast moving world, people breed a lot of desires to be hero in diverse fields and lose their energy thinking about them. No one can be a hero in all fields you also should recognize the fact. Choosing only one field, focusing all your energy to it and controlling your desires for having different things at the same time would be a right way to be success and energetic.  The principle would also help you to achieve if you have a single aim.

Stress-Free Sound Sleep

To be healthy and fit, sound sleep is utmost necessary. When it comes to the time duration of sleep, most of the health experts agree with at least 6 hours for sleep. However it also depends on how you sleep. After reading this line you may think it a silly point.  But trust me the need of your body in concern of sleep depends on how you sleep. I mean to say that if you can sleep like a child forgetting all worries and tensions, you can be refreshed comparatively in less time than you sleep with depressed and tensed mind. If you can’t avoid your tensions during your sleep, you will not get recharged even after 10 hours you spend on your bed. To be healthy and fit, go to your bed with pleased mind leaving all your worries and stress out of your bedroom. You would improve your health and overall mind power.



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