Summit Meeting between Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump

The enmity between world’s sole superpower, USA and a tiny socialist nation “North Korea” is no secret. North Korea, an ally of china and Russia is considered as “black hole” of the world.  Though, North Korea is economically backward, often faces acute famines and is constantly under the grip of dictatorship; the entire population wholeheartedly supports its leadership. Despite grave scarcity of resources, the nation maintains an advanced ballistic missile and space program. North Korea has also successfully developed thermonuclear weapons.

Kim Jong and Donald Trump

Japan and South Korea, close ally of USA are always threatened by North Korea. To curtail the burgeoning stress, USA took the initiative and invited North Korea for peace talks. As of now, North Korea is governed by Kim Jong-Un, and president of USA is former construction mogul, Donald Trump.  The leaders met in Singapore on 12th June 2018. It was the first summit meeting between the leaders.

North Korea perceives the US troops that are stationed in Japan and South Korea as a threat. A joint statement was signed between the leaders agreeing security guarantee for North Korea. It is also agreed in the statement that high level officials of both the nations would follow up the negotiations. A ray of hope is visible after this summit.  Former administrations and governments were reluctant to participate in any such peace talks that only aggravated the relations. However, trump government has taken the initiative and must be lauded for.




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