India and Pakistan will Join Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)

India and Pakistan will Join Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)

There are two big names- India and Pakistan that are going to be at a same place. Both countries have an awful relationship between each-other; terrorism is the main problem for both the countries. It is accepted that Pakistan has been growing terrorism for a long period. That’s why India would never stay in the same group where Pakistan goes. But now the situation is different because India and Pakistan will become members of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO).

It is declared that both countries will formally join at a formal ceremony in Beijing on June 15, 2017. Both countries will be in the group of China, Russia, and Central Asian countries. The aim of this club is to develop trade and military relationship among its present members. If India and Pakistan become a part of SCO, it will be good for Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, because after getting the communities of these Asian countries, SCO will be the biggest organization in the world.

Working of SCO is to manage trade and military sectors among its authorized members. Shanghai Cooperation Organisation is an organization of Eurasia which is a combined landmass of Asia and Europe continent. Now the main issue is that, can these both countries progress in their bad relationship or not. If yes, who will play role in it? If there is somebody who will take responsibility to maintain a relationship, it will be not easy for that one because this is the hardest job in the world.

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