Prime Minister Narendra Modi Announced the Biggest Bridge of India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Announced the Biggest Bridge of India

On the occasion of the third anniversary of the NDA government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a gift as the Bhupen Hazarika Bridge for the northeast. PM Modi declared a gift of the biggest bridge of India for the northeast in a public address.” This bridge’s name will be on the name of singer Bhupen Hazarika”, Modi declared after he inaugurated what was provisionally called the Dhola-Sadiya Bridge in Assam.

It was the first public address of Narendra Modi on the third anniversary of the NDA government. Today you have got the thing for what you have been waiting for last fifty years. This bridge would have been built ten years ago if Atal Bihari Vajpayee had become PM in 2004 again, the PM spoke. Modi completed the dream of Vajpayee. It was the dream of Vajpayee to build this bridge.

Narendra Modi congratulated his party in Assam which has passed one year in full power, after a long period of Congress rule. Within only one year of the BJP government in Assam, this state has finished so many troubles, Modi said. This bridge will be fine for travelers. It can reduce travel time, cost of travel, distance. Less than 60 ton waited vehicles can across this bridge. 60 tons will be the maximum capacity of the bridge. This type of decision can make a developed state. After taking charge of the country, Modi did so many works like this.

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