Sixth Extinction of Earth

Scientists Warned the World for Sixth Extinction of Earth

Scientists Warned to the World for Sixth Extinction of Earth

Scientists expose a big danger for the human who has been living on the Earth. A special team of scientists warned the world that it may be the ending period of the sixth era of life on Earth. It has proved that Earth has destructed five times before it. This time mammals, birds, and amphibians are entering the sixth mass extinction as like the previous five. The scientists said that now we have proper time to control this situation.

As the human population has increased 130 percent in the last 50 years and if this process will be continuing till 2060, the human population can across 10 billion. At that time, Earth will leave its class because of massive weight or any other problem can come. Now the condition is that all living species including 25 percent mammals and 13 percent birds are threatened with extinction because of over-hunting, poaching, pollution, loss of habitat, the arrival of invasive species, and other human-caused problems.

A team of international scientists wrote in the latest edition that as a human is growing its self in every area and doing some fruitless activities on land and in the oceans over the past few centuries has dramatically reduced global biodiversity. There is overwhelming evidence that habitat loss and fragmentation, over-exploitation of biological resources, pollution, species invasions, and climate change have increased rates of global species extinctions to levels that are much higher than those observed in the fossil record. If the human will use everything according to its last limit, Earth can be saved. Otherwise, by 2060 Earth will damage and everything will be finished.

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