America Gave Proofs of Pakistan’s Indulgence in Pathankot Airbase Attack

America Gave Proofs of Pakistan’s Indulgence in Pathankot Airbase Attack

America gave solid proofs to prove that Pakistan has been indulged in the Pathankot airbase attack. Report says that America has provided NIA with a designer consisting of 1000 pages. These proofs have once again proved that Pakistan has been playing an active role in creating terrorism-inspired incidents. America has given these proofs under Mutual League Assistance Treaty.

These proofs have explanation of the communication between Kashim Jaan, the director of Jaish E-Mohammed and four Fedayeens.  America has claimed that this conversation occurs between Lashkar’s terrorists during Pathankot airbase attack. In this conversation Lashkar’s seniors are teaching terrorists the ways to kill people.

The documents provided by American have proved what India has been crying for a long time. India believed that Pakistani terrorists were sitting in the Pakistan during the attack on Pathankot airbase. This planning is being connected to the same strategy as they implement during the Mumbai attack.

NIA officials are busy in analyzing the documents trying to find out the reality of these proofs. The primary research has made it clear that Kashim was in contact with his fellow terorists through Whatsup and Facebook account.  The big point is that the facebook account, which Kashim was operating, was connected to the mobile number which was used to call during the kidnapping of Salvinder Singh. The documents have explained that these terrorist have made call to someone through the mobile number which is connected to Mulla Daddulla’s Facebook account.

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