Role of Youth in Politics of a Country 

Role of Youth in Politics of a Country 

Young age is known for the energy, zeal, enthusiasm and will power to do amazing tasks in every filed they come with ambitions in, and politics is also one of the fields that need youth power. Though, throughout history, young men have left prints of their bravery and devotion in the politics as the heart of political parties, yet unfortunately, the number of young men is limited even today.

Why do young people not take interest in politics?

I am surprised to hear young people commenting on the politicians who did or do badly for the country. They certainly comment on their bad policies and even can suggest the right ideas, but their interest confines only to commenting on the leaders. If it is talked to come forward to struggle to clean the policy and maintain the democracy with right administration, only a very few number of young people come forward. They mostly seek interest in earning their livelihood by doing a salaried job in any government department or in any multinational company. Charm of luxurious life within amenities does not let them come out of it. They can only think about how to improve the political environment of the country, yet they do not leave the charm of happiness and pleasure what they dream of after completing their education.

Why do young people not take interest in politics?

Unfortunately, today’s youth have been given such a bad name when there is only a minority of people who are creating political and social disruption. Today’s most young people are motivated to earn money and improve their status. Politics and social services do not have any charm for them. Young people vary in terms of their perspectives and preferences in life and have a host of different ideas.


Role of youth in politics


By allowing the young people to voice their opinion clearly, we could be opening new doors and will be able to move the political world progressively forward. Such kind of entering of youth in the most important field of politics is not only good for our society, but also it is utmost necessary for it. If the young people did not engage interestingly with politics or social works, there would be many unwanted issues with our society and also political establishments.


Every organization’s strength depends on the way used to lead it and the policies of the head administrator who come to the top of the leadership. If the number of the young people increases in the politics, it would be the right use of the youth power. The Role of Youth in Politics is very important in concern of country’s progress.







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Teacher: Suppose, there is a mango tree in the middle of a sea. How would you pluck the mango from it?

Student: I will become a parrot and pluck the mango.

Teacher angrily said: Who will make you a parrot? Your father?

Student in the same tone: Who will grow a mango tree in the middle of sea? Your father?



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