Interesting Mystery of Bollywood Couples’ Chemistry

Interesting Mystery of Bollywood Couples’ Chemistry

Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Chibble: Baadshah born in 2 November 1965. We all know Gauri as wife of Sharukh Khan. But you know that her family was not interested in Mr. Khan for her daughter. Yes, they were against their marriage. But after all Tamasha Gauri become the Queen of Baadshah. He is second richest actor in world of 2014. In school time he was very inelegant .His first salary was Rs. 50, yes very small amount. Do you know what he did with that? Well, he used that salary to see Taj Mahal. He started his first business, he opened restaurant and you will be surprised to know that he is very foodie and likes coffee as nothing.

Queen and Baadshah have 3 kids named Aryan 16 years old we can see him in Dhoom 4, Suhana 13 year quite princes and last child Abram who was born through surrogacy.

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Love Chemistry of Most Famous Couples of Hollywood


Fardeen Khan and Natasha Madhavi Heart of many girls, Fardeen married with her childhood Friend Natasha in 2005. She is the daughter of Mumtaz, yes, the top actress. And all we know that he is son of late Firoz Khan, the superstar.  Natasha is a daughter of Veteran actress Mumtaz. They are perfect example of love in friendship. For her little princes, they had to wait for 8 years.
Fardeen and Natasha have one daughter named Diani Isabella Khan. Natasha Conceived in beach town near Mombasa. So, Fradeen selected this name that means Divinity in Portuguese. Fardeen says she is a bundle of joy and musti.

Zyad khan and Malika ParakhHe is the cousin of Fardeen. He married with her 10th standard loving friend Malika. When her parents were searching a groom for Malika, Zayad Khan said, “don’t worry Main Hoon Na”. He is both an actor and producer. He is the son of Mr. Sanjay who is well knower actor, producer and director. He has 3 sisters- one Farah khan Ali and Simran and ex wife of Hrithik Roshan.

Malika’s first chlid name is Ziddan who was born in 2008 and second child is Aariz.


Sohail Khan and Seema SechdevaYes this Muslim boy purposed Seema on the day of producing Movie Pyar Kiya to Darna Kya. His parents, screenwriter Salim Khan and Mummy Salma Khan refuses for this marriage, but Bahi Salman Said, “Ok Hai Yaar”. He started his career as a producer and directed. He directed his first film named Auzaar. Sohail khan, brother of Salman Khan, has two sons Named Nirwaan and Yohan

Arbaaz khan and Malika Arore Yes, like his brother, he also married with Hindu girl and you will be surprised to know that they did marriage in Church on his Mother in law’s choice. Malika, VJ and Host, is a daughter of Panjabi Family. She entered in film industry in 2008 with her husband. Now, they have one baby boy named Arhaan Khan born in 2002.

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Everybody knows them. They are the superstars who need no introduction.  Sara Ali Khan born in 1993 and Ibrahim are two children of Mr. Khan and Amrita.

Now it will be interesting to see that who will the bride of Bhai Salman Khan. More interesting couples are in touch with us….. And wait for next Ishaqzada.

Love Chemistry of Most Famous Couples of Hollywood


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