How to prepare for the exams?

How to prepare for the exams?

 Getting good marks in academic exams or beating competitive exams depends on both – your intelligence level and the way you use your intelligence while preparing for exams. In most cases of failures, students have intelligence, but they don’t use it to prepare for exams well and they miss the chance to add a new feather in their cap. That is why you need to make a proper plan and implement it in your daily routine and focus on it rightly.

 Tips to Get Success in Exams

 Make the right study timetable or study plan

The strategy with the right timetable is a must to utilize your time and intelligence. You can study 8 to 10 hours daily and utilize your time for different subjects. For your convenience, you can divide the whole time into periods (1 to 2 hours for every period). Plan a short break after every two hours period.

Divide your complete syllabus into monthly periods and then day wise

Go through the complete syllabus and estimate how much syllabus you have to complete during the time you have for the preparation. Divide it monthly, weekly or daily basis. Try to complete the whole syllabus decided for the particular day, week, and month.

Create a learning environment in your study room

The environment of your room will encourage you to pursue your goal. Make the right arrangement of sufficient light, air, comfortable chair and table, complete study material, and all others that you need for the comfortable study. Write your timetable on a paper sheet and stick it on the wall or table. For your motivation, you can put some pictures and quotations of those who you think your role models and ideals.

 Manage one study partner in your room

When you are studying by yourself, laziness is your biggest enemy. Due to laziness you many times miss the timetable that is why you can invite any one of your best mates to study with you. But choose the mate who is really interested to study. You will use your time and in need, you can discuss any problem.  Consider that more than two mates in a room may cause a disturbance.

 Make a group of your class mates or the competitors

Make a group of competitors or your class mates and make a group discussion for one or two hours in the evening or a free time about what you have learnt whole day. It will benefit you thrice. One you will know how much have you stored in your mind from what you attempted today. Second you will have a good revision session. Third, you will learn some things from your group friends. All these things will create interest in you to learn better and more.

Focus full concentration:

Whatever you are learning, learn it thinking that you will not get a chance to study it again so focus your mind and try to collect all in your mind.

Prepare well with old question papers

Collect old question papers for ten years and solve them properly. They will not only give you a right idea about the question paper, but also give you a proper revision for your preparation. Get in touch with your teachers to help you in need.

 Give proper time for thorough study and revision

Give sufficient time for thorough study and try to go to every point of the syllabus and after that make a proper revision before the date of the exams.

Point out the important part or difficult material to be revised

While studying thoroughly, point out some material like as definitions, quotations and other point what you feel the need of revision for. These points may be some more important or something difficult material that you doubt to remember in future.

Take Proper Sleep:

Some of you can think it better to cut the sleeping hours to study, but I suggest you to take proper sleep- at least 6 hours. Lack of sleep can weaken your mind power.

Be healthy:

While studying you need to be fit and healthy that is why don’t ignore your health and be careful about your diet. Take nutritional food, sound sleep and regular exercise. These things will help you have active mind and fit body.

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