Tips to Increase Mind Concentration while Studying

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The time and effort you put in your study and even the mental powers you have been gifted with all are definitely counted as the basic factors determining your success in exams. But it is your way (how you utilize your time, effort, and brainpower) that determines the level of your success much more effectively. Almost all students have sufficient time, potential study material, teachers’ guidelines,s, and mental power however results in exams vary from student to student. Why? The right utilization of time, efforts, and brainpower with full concentration can help you gain desired success. Read the following effective tips if you interested to know how to increase concentration?

How to create a study environment for better concentration?

  • Develop a friendly study environment by arranging comfortable chairs, tables, eye-friendly lightings, and mosquito repellents, etc.
  • Maintain friendly room temperature.
  • Arrange all essential things on your table like a water bottle and books required for the particular time.
  • Remove unnecessary books or material from your table.
  • Switch off your mobile, TV, and other electronics that divert your mind.

How to make a proper timetable

  • Calculate the time period that you have for a day and divide it with subjects your exams include.
  • Make two hours time for a single period.
  • Set your study time with 15-20 minutes short break after 2 hours
  • Take a short nap after a 5 and 6 hours duration of the study.
  • You can also make a time table weekly and monthly basis.
  • Adhere to your Daily timetable strictly.

Study Partner

  • It is better to have your study partner with you.
  • Make sure your study partner is punctual, intelligent, and interested in the study.
  • With your partner, you would be able to make adhere to the timetable.
  • It also will let you be present-minded.
  • You and your study partner may help each other solve the questions.

What is the Right Method of Learning?

  • Imagine whatever you are learning, so that the picture in your mind reminds you of the topic.
  • While studying, create an image with the information you are getting in your mind and deepen it with the revision.
  • It means that you should visualize what you’re studying. It would be a better idea to store information.
  • Try to connect the information to real aspects of your life. The process will help you remember details later on.
  • Cut the connection of the outer world except for the particular subject you are studying right now.

How to prepare your mind before you start learning?

  • Give yourself one or two minutes to refresh your goal, your success, awards, and results that will come out of your study.
  • Having big Dreams behind your study will keep your mind concentrated on the topics related.
  • Think that the study you are going on with is only the step of your life’s target.
  • Make up your mind thinking strictly that this is your study time and you just have to study.

What to do when your mind strays?

  • When your mind strays somewhere else, just rein it and bring it back by saying yourself that (it’s time to study and you just have to study right now.)
  • It might be that you need to say the same line again and again, but by practice, you will overcome your problem of wandering your mind and will enjoy good effects.
  • If you have something in your mind that disturbs you again and again, just persuade your mind by saying that you will give a proper time to think about it or resolve the problem after you complete your study time.
  • If the problem is acute and you cannot concentrate on your study, just give 10 to 20 minutes to resolve it by writing on papers and then start study again.

Energetic Food, Sound Sleep, and Mild Exercise

  • Take energetic, balanced, nutritional, and digestive food.
  • You can take fresh fruits and also dry fruits such as almonds and cashew nuts to improve your brainpower.
  • Mild exercise daily will keep you fit mentally and physically.
  • Remember not to cut your normal sleeping hours (6 hours) down.

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