How to Develop or Increase Mind Power

Read the brief article written on the techniques and ways you can develop your brain power. By implementing them in your lifestyle, you can definitely improve your concentration, grasping power and memory.

A General Introduction to the Human Mind Power

Functionality of brain is one of the most complicated processes that need more human research effort to be simplified. No doubt brain has an amazing power to do miracles, but it is really typical to know how to utilize the human brain power fully. Simply said, in common life, a man is unable to use more then 3% of his brain power. If the saying is really true, the saying is enough to take us to understand the result of this power if it is utilized fully. It would be the best idea to estimate the power of human mind. It would be a curiosity for you to know how to utilize it completely. To be frank, I cannot tell you the way to utilize it in 100% but rest assured the points I am going to discuss in the blog would help you improve your concentration and mind power to a great extent.


1-Control your desires              

Don’t let your desires rule over you. Rein your desires and let yourself do what your intelligence commands for. Don’t let your internal decision weak down with your mind-diverting desires. Cut off your all desires accept one that goes to your ultimate target and then let it be stronger. It will help you concentrate on your target. Let your mind work in a single stream. Many new desires developing in your mind keep your brain function regularly for searching their solution. And uncompleted desires also make your mind busy. So, remove all the desires that are not related to your main aim and keep your brain free. How to control desires?


2-Do single work in single time  

Multitasking spoils sharpness and creativity of your mind so let your brain thought stream in a single way. If you are handling different kinds of works, manage all them with right management. If possible manage all them in different time period. When you do your work, focus on only what is in your hand and forget all rest. And then take another in other time and forget others including the first one. Likewise take one by one and focus only what is in your hand. Learn, how to do single work in single time?


3-Be healthy                     

“Healthy mind lives in healthy body” as the saying goes, health is the first thing needed to make your mind healthy. It works in full only when it is supported by the healthy and painless body. Stay fit and healthy before you think of improving your mind power. Mental work needs energy more than physical works. So, give it high energy, proper oxygen, and right blood circulation.  Learn how to be healthy?

4-Set your preferences in life

The world is full of diversions and interests. Lots of jobs, works, and professions can attract your minds. And sure in the beginning when you try to put first step into the world of desires, you may have a number of aims in your life. But these things will lead you nowhere and life will go waste without achieving anything in it. So, set your preferences first and determine to be abiding by them and then go to achieve your goal.

5-Physical Exercise

Make 30 minute-physical exercise, a part of your daily life and let it be with your whole life. Remember, it is impossible for one to be fit mentally and physically without giving 30 minutes to physical exercise.  It increases the number of mitochondria for right energy flow and keeps blood circulation system fit.  Which Exercise should  be done for healthy brain?  



Meditation is an activity to cut your brain stream off different objects and diversions and concentrate whole brain power to a single point. If you try to make it and it is all that needs to make your brain performance better. a regular practice of meditations would win you a mind diversion of brain and help you concentrate your brain to the fixed point.  Learn about meditation-a panacea to develop your brain power

7-Make a plan with time management

Whether you are a business person leading more than one business or students preparing for your exams, you need to make your complete plan. And divide your target in steps-yearly, monthly and then daily basis. Go further and concentrate daily work and divide it period wise and hourly and concentrate your time on the particular event what you are handling at the moment and cut your mind off rest of the world.

So many works, things, plans, and uncompleted desires may catch your mind and divert it from your core work while you are trying to concentrate. Then what to do? just try to convince your mind that you would think over this topic later broadly. But right now, you need to focus on the topic what you have taken in hand. Learn how to manage your time?

8-Forget the Other World  

I am sure, you must have realized that while working, common mind does not concentrate to a single point even a few seconds and within a minute it diverts from the central point several times during a minute. It means that when you work, your mind works ten times but 9 of them go waste.  Practice to cut your thinking stream that joins you to the outer world and make your mind diverted. If you realize that yes, you think a lot of things while working, you can control your mind and make it stay focused on a single point. It can be increased by regular practice. Developing your interest in your work will help you concentrate on your work. For doing your work with whole mind, get lost in your work and forget all other world. Learn how to focus on the point where you are working on.

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