How to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy?

A woman’s good health is essential and a pre-requisite for baby to be healthy. Women who eat well and exercise regularly along remain healthy and fit during their pregnancy. They are less likely to have complications during pregnancy. And the chances of giving birth to a healthy baby increases considerably.  There are certain areas in which focus must be given in order to remain healthy in the prensatal state.

As soon as a woman comes to know about her pregnancy, she must cut out her bad habits at once as it directly impacts the health of a growing fetus. If you are alcoholic or a smoker these practices must be cut out at the same time. These habits have been linked to serious complications for both mother and baby. Miscarriage, premature labor, developmental problems in childhood and low birth weight are among some problems which can occur due to alcohol consumption during pregnancy. While due to cigarette smoking the chances of low-birth baby increases. Apart from this vaginal bleeding, premature placental detachment, ectopic pregnancy and premature labor are few complications which might occur due to smoking.

Eating nutritious food is another important factor which decides how to fit you would stay during pregnancy. A nutritional diet increases the chance of a normal-birth-weight and reduces the risk of many birth defects. Pregnancy complications are also minimized if you take a nutritious diet. Morning sickness, fatigue, and other unpleasant pregnancy symptoms and mood swings can be minimized with the help of a proper diet. A well-balanced diet for pregnant must include whole grains, iron-rich foods, protein, vitamin C, calcium, fruits and vegetables, and fat in an adequate amount.

There are certain things which must be avoided during pregnancy if you wish your baby to be healthy. You must avoid eating avoid smoked, refrigerated and undercooked meat, poultry, and seafood. Ensure that all the dairy products you consume are pasteurized. Apart from a healthy diet, you can take a number of prenatal vitamins, which would be very helpful in maintaining a healthy state. Folic acid tablets are an important supplement. 

Proper exercise is very important during the months of exercise in pregnancy as it is beneficial for both mother and baby. You must exercise at least 30minutes a day as it helps to decrease stress and improve blood circulation. Proper exercise during pregnancy helps to increase energy levels, relieve constipation, reduce backaches, strengthen muscles and improve sleep. By doing aerobic exercises like jogging and swimming helps to increase circulation, muscle tone, and strength.  You can easily find various exercise classes that operate, especially for pregnant women. You can join one of such centers which pay more focus toward squatting and kegel exercises.  Apart from this, you can also try yoga as it promotes better respiration and helps to build strength.

If still you are facing a health issue, it is very important to consult a doctor at once. You must strictly avoid eating any medicine without been prescribed by the doctor. The best mantra to stay healthy is to always stay happy. 

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