How to Improve Communication skills in English?

Hfriends! In this lesson, we will discuss how to develop communication skills which are the first and foremost things determining one’s success. Your knowledge, working efficiency, dedication, and many others are counted for success, yet your effective communication skill is the thing that best presents your inner qualities. In the lack of communication skills, you have to face great challenges in finding a good job in this competitive environment. Even though you have a treasure of knowledge in your field, you cannot show them effectively to your interviewers or employers, and so you are judged as an unfit person for that position.

When it comes to communication in English, it becomes much more important for those who are searching for jobs, as in almost all the offices, interviews are conducted in English. Apart from the knowledge in your relevant field, every interviewer tries to know how good you are in English, and how you can express yourself in English. That is why this lesson has been designed to help you improve your communication skills.

Unwavering determination: The first thing that will help you develop communication skills is to determine that you have to learn an effective way of communication. Going through the special analysis of the importance of communication skills in your practical life will help you take and follow the resolution for improvement. It will help you not only in focusing on the ways of learning but also create an interest and learning intensity in you.

Make it a part of your life: Do you know why our mother tongue is the best medium to express ourselves? The reason behind it is that it lies with us every time wherever we are. Whether we are listening, speaking, thinking, or dreaming, we use our mother tongue from the very early phase of learning in our childhood days. This is the most effective rule of learning English as well. If English is not your mother tongue, don’t worry, you can learn it very well and speak it as fluently as you speak in your mother tongue. Just make it a part of your daily life.

Build your vocabulary strong: When you want to improve your communication skills in English, you definitely need to build your vocabulary strong so that you can use effective words practically. In the beginning, don’t make mistake to start with a huge dictionary, it can create disinterest and frustration in you. Just start with very simple words, especially those which are used in daily life, and then develop your professional vocabulary so that you can have a high impact on interviewers.


If you don’t have basic knowledge of the English language, it becomes utmost necessary to learn the basics of the language. For it, you can take the help of coaching institutes and online English coaching classes. It would be a good way to come to the track. Once you know the basics, you will be able to go to the second step of your learning process.

Practice from easy to tough:

For practice, you can start from the very simple language, and step by step you can go ahead. In the beginning, you can start just from very simple sentences. You can read books, listen to audio and videos loaded with communications on practical events. These will give you an idea of how exactly you should express your views when you are at the beginning phase.

Practice with Books, Audio, and Video lessons:

When you grab the understanding about how to communicate on simple events, you can go for the professional language. For it, you can have practice sessions loaded with English communication between interviewees and interviewers using technology. You can practice with different audio and video interviews which will show you different ways and styles of communication. you can see the ads of the video lecturers on free ads sites where experts put their free ads of some online English speaking courses. You can join some professional courses for developing communication skills. Just choose any institute which knows the importance of communication skill and takes it to the next level. 

Practice with News Papers and TV programs: When you come to the advanced level, you can choose any anchor or news reader as your role model to imitate his or her style. It is not necessary to follow your role model completely, but some of the features like tone, way of speaking, postures, and body expressions will help you improve your way of communication. Newspaper reading can also be helpful for you in your purpose. Online article sites can help you improve your English skills.

10 tips to improve your communications skills

  • Never talk over people.
  • Don’t finish other people’s sentences.
  • Cut off unnecessary communication fillers
  • Paraphrase.
  • Listen actively.
  • Put away the distractions
  • Ask Questions
  • Be Specific
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Improve your body language

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