Effects and Precautions of Online Learning

Here are the Effects and Precautions of Online Learning for students, parents, and teachers. Read the article to make online learning safe and healthy.

Schools, colleges, boards, and universities all were striving to accomplish their usual work for the 2019-20 session by keeping an eye to start a new session in 2020-21, just then a flight of coronavirus(Covid-19) throughout the country gave a sudden break to all. The announcement of lockdown from the government kept all processes of learning and teaching to stay like a kids’ game ‘Statue’.

But thanks to the advanced technology which made this process runs again. Of course not the same as it was running in the physical classes, however, it is a good idea of learning and teaching from home in such a health crisis. It is good not only because students are learning right now, but also because this practice will give amazing efficiency to both students and teachers as well.  Online learning by now was practiced only by higher society or only college students, but now it has encouraged students of the middle-class society and even students who come under the primary and junior sections. The children who generally suppose mobile devices just to be designed for fun, music, entertainment, and games, will come to the really valuable point of learning through mobiles and computers.

No doubt, this Covid-19 pandemic will create chaos, delay, and many more problems in returning the educational system to track, however, whenever it will come, teachers and students will appear more efficient laden with the new tools and efficiency of using them. With this practice of online learning and teaching, education will take a new turn.

Online learning may also cause some negative impacts on your health. Headache, Irritation, Eyesight problem and even insomnia, etc. are some health conditions that can be caused by instant watching on the screen. That is why there are some precautions to avoid the problems of online learning.

  • Set a timetable for learning with some little breaks in between.
  • Avoid indulgence on screen from morning till late at night.
  • Avoid mobile games and other useless videos.
  • Develop a habit of playing physical games for one hour daily.
  • Increase the use of green vegetables and products which are in vitamin A.
  • Use a laptop in place of a mobile for the bigger screen if possible

For parents: I urge parents to be cautious of their children in terms of their online learning.

  • Parents should motivate children to use devices in common areas such as bedrooms and study rooms and visible to parents at any time.
  • Children could access some potentially dangerous apps such as Whisper, Hot or Not, LiveMe, Wishbone, Kik, Tellonym, AskFM, and others on their phones, tablet, or computer so parents should keep an eye on what their children are opening.
  • Transforming from the traditional way of study to online learning has the main safety concern for students, parents, and educators. That is why I urge everyone to stay safe with the adaptation of online learning.

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