Online Education with Learning Apps, Tools and Portals

Here are learning apps, tools and portals that make the online education right choice for worldwide students.

In this world of the internet and technology, the importance and growth of online education cannot be neglected. Though traditional classroom teaching has its own set of advantages, online education is becoming quite popular and the scope of online education is growing amazingly.  Nowadays people are moving away from traditional classrooms and the trend of virtual classroom and video lectures is increasing rapidly. However, a large number of people are still arguing whether online learning is good or bad. Let us take a closer view of the whole concept of online education loaded with the learning apps, tools, and portals which covers apparent advantages in this era of technology.

Technology which makes eLearning efficient

Efficient Education Portals: For enriching the eLearning more efficiently, there are a lot of education portals, online training centers, institutes and other websites which take great care to bring different courses, lessons, previous exam papers, sample papers, mock tests and other supports for the worldwide students. Some portals offer their own courses and certifications only while some others like OPPN Media offer teaching and learning facilities, study material, virtual classrooms, mock tests, sample papers and previous exam papers, UGC NET English Previous exam papers, for the preparation of school exams, college exams, and other competitive exams. Motivational tips, career guidelines, board, and university updates and other information are also available at

Learning APPs and Tools: In the current scenario, the following are the apps and tools which are greatly being used on mobiles and computers for online learning.

  1. Udemy,
  2. Lynda
  3. Khan Academy
  4. TED
  5. Lumosity
  6. Goodreads
  7. Duolingo
  8. StudyBlue

YouTube Channels: YouTube is rich with a lot of channels offering different kinds of video lectures on almost all subjects, topics, and courses. Students are taking advantage of these free and paid video lectures on YouTube.

Open Platform or Discussion Form: Online education portals allow a medium or platform for students across the countries to communicate and share their ideas and opinions. There are no limitations set in this form of education, and students can express their views, share problems, and get suggestions, solutions, and feedbacks.

Benefits of Online Learning:

Study anytime anywhere: The biggest advantage of the online classroom is that there are no time and place boundaries in receiving the education. With this online education system, you can set your study schedule from anywhere and anytime. Online education has become a great choice for students who, due to some reasons, are unable to attend conventional classrooms. Whether you have a fixed office schedule or an infant whom you cannot leave alone at home, online education is a great help in such cases. Other reasons may be some physical disability or low self-confidence.

An easy and efficient approach to worldwide courses: Efficient reach to the courses and lessons offered worldwide is the first and foremost benefit of online learning.  The benefits of this online education system can be seen with the increased number of students enrolling in online education with worldwide institutes. According to a survey done the number of students being enrolled in online education is increasing by 30% every year. Presently there are around 4.7 million candidates who have enrolled in various online institutes and universities.

Beyond Social Boundaries: The courses, lessons, and classrooms are available across the globe, and are equally open for learners coming from different countries, social and ethical backgrounds. No restriction based on caste, religions, regions, and communities is seen. Online education breaks the geographical barriers which are very prominent in traditional classroom education.

Students-cantered education: In traditional classrooms, the general complaint which students have is that they do not get the proper concentration from teachers. While on the other hand, the online education is students-cantered. In this form of training, no student feels left out. The online education allows freedom for students to formulate the way of learning which he/she feels the most suitable.

No physical books and study material required: When you attend an online classroom, there is no need for purchasing books as there is ample amount, of course, the material available on the internet. The study material, previous exam papers like UP PGT English Exam Papers and others are available to students 24*7 and they can use it whenever the need arises. The resources which are available in online libraries are hardly available to a student enrolled in a traditional classroom.

The flexibility in the study: The flexibility which online education provides is the main reason behind the increasing enrolment of students in online schools and universities. If you are also interested in learning but do not have time to join a traditional classroom then choose online education. As there are a number of online education providers available, it is quite important to do a bit of research. Join a reliable and efficient online educational institution and gain knowledge.

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