An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum MCQs Mock Test 12th

Welcome to your An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum MCQs Mock Test 12th

Question 1. The map is a bad example as it makes one aware of

Question 2. Identify the literary device in ‘future’s painted with a fog’.

Question 3. Identify the literary device in ‘slums as big as doom’.

Question 4. Identify the literary device in ‘whose language is the sun’.

Question 5. ‘Break O break’. What should they break?

Question 6. The imprisoned minds and lives of the slum children can be released from their bondage if they are given an experience of the outer world.

Question 7. Identify the literary device in ‘spectacles of steel’.

Question 8. The last stanza is unlike the rest of the poem.

Question 9. Where do their lives ‘slyly turn’?

Q10. How does the poet describe the children?

011. What does the poet portray in the poem?

013. Why is the color of walls 'Sour cream?

Q14. What kind of life do the children living in slums have?

Q15. What does the poet compare the color of walls with?

Q16. What are the poetic devices used in the poem?

Q17 The paper-seeming boy with rat's eyes means. The boy is:

Q 18. What do the words "Their future is painted with fog" convey?

Q19. His eyes live in a dream, other than this means. The boy is:

Q 20. What do the faces of children in the slum areas reflect?

Q21. Why is Shakespeare called wicked?

Q22. Why is the map referred to as a bad example?

Q23. What is ironical about the wall hangings and donations in the classroom?

Q24. What is the Tree Room in the poem?

Q25. The tall girl with her head weighed down means the girl:

Q26. How is the tall girl described?

Q27. The children's faces are compared to 'rootless weeds' This means they:

Q28. What does the poet mean by 'These children wear skins peeped through by bones'?

Q29. What do Catacombs signify?

Q30. Why is the boy sitting at the back of the classroom, different from others?

Q31. The stunted, unlucky heir of twisted bones means the boy:

Q 32. Why are the pictures and maps meaningless?

Q 33. How can powerful people help the poor children?

Q34. What does the poem describe?

Q35. "Far far from gusty waves these children's faces. Like rootless weeds, the hair torn round their pallor": what do these words express?

Q36. What is the meaning of 'The paper seeming boy, with rat eyes?

Q37. What kind of look do the faces and hair of the children give?

Q38. His eyes live in a dream - what is the dream?

Q39. Who was sitting at the back of the dim class?

Q40. Who is the unlucky heir and what has he inherited?

Q41. What is the stunted boy reciting?

Q 42. What does the colour of the classroom walls point out?

Q43. What does the expression 'Open handed map "show?

Q44. 'Awarding the world its world what do these words express?

Q45. In what sense are the slum children different?

Q46. What kind of future do the slum children have?

Q47. What attracts the slum children?

Q48 What do the words "From fog to endless night' mean?

Q49. Mention any two images used to explain the plight of the slum children.

Q50. What blots the maps of the slum children?

Q51. What does the poet show through expressions so blot their maps with slums as big as doom?

Q52. What do the governor', Inspector, visitor' in the poem depict?

Q53. What have the windows done to the children's lives in the poem?

Q54. What other freedom the poet wants the slum children to enjoy?

Q55. What is the symbolic significance of 'Sun' in the last line of the poem?

Q 56. What does the expression Break 0 break open' suggest?

Q57. What does the poet want?

Q58. Who has written the poem 'An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum'?

Q59. What theme did the poet concentrate on in the poem?

Q60. Where is the elementary school located?

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  1. Ans of Q.15 is option d ) sour cream as in the poem elementary school classroom in a slum poem the walls of classroom are compared to sour cream. But after attending the test the ans checked right ✅ is stale chapatis which is wrong even the word chapatis is not mentioned in the poem .
    Plz resolve it.

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