Indigo MCQs Mock Test of 12th Class Flamingo

Welcome to your Indigo MCQs Mock Test of 12th Class Flamingo

Q1- Where was the author of the chapter Indigo born?

Q2. How were the Health conditions in Champaran ?

Q3- Which University was the author of the chapter Indigo a member of?

Q4. Who were the volunteers to work with Gandhi Ji in Champaran?

Q5- What message did the chapter Indigo conveye?

Q6. How much percent did the representative of the planters offer to refund to the farmers of Champaran?

Q7- What quality of Gandhi Ji is signified in the fight in Champaran?

Q8. What was the duration Gandhi remained in Champaran?

Q9- How did Gandhi consider the actions of the people of Motihari ?

Q 10. How much repayment did the big planters think Gandhi would demand?

Q11. Gandhi was summoned by ___ the

Q12. Who became ready to follow Gandhi into the prison?

Q13. For how much time did the magistrate ask Gandhi to furnish bail?

Q14. How was the behavior of Gandhi with the officials outside the court?

Question 15. Why did Gandhi start out on the back of an elephant?

Q16. Where did Gandhi go after Tirhut?

Q17. What happened when Gandhi went to the secretary of British landlord’s association?

Q18. Why did they not permit Gandhi to draw water from the well?

Q19. Where is Champaran situated?

Q20. What did the British landlords want to take from the peasants when the synthetic indigo was developed?

Q21. Name the places visited by Gandhi between the first meeting with Shukla and his arrival at Champaran?

Q22. At the Muzaffarpur station, ………….. received Gandhi i?

Q23. Shukla led Gandhi to the house of a lawyer. What was his name?

Q24. What was the full name of Shukla, the peasant from Champaran?

Q25. Gandhiji went to Lucknow in……………?

Q26. Gandhiji stayed for two days …………..?

Q27. Define the condition of the farmers in Champaran?

Q28. What was the attitude of the Indians towards advocates in Champaran?

Q29. Why did Gandhi ji think the Champaran episode a turning point?

Q30- Why was the government baffled?

Q31. Who was Sir Edmund in the chapter Indigo?

Q32. Why did the British officials want the Indian peasant to pay compensation?

Q33. Where was Champaran?

Q34. Why is Champaran famous?

Q35. Why did Raj Kumar Shukla go to Lucknow at Congress Party session?

Q 36. Who was Raj Kumar Shukla?

Q37. Why did Gandhiji decide to go to Muzaffarpur?

Q38. How did Gandhiji help farmers of Champaran?

Q39. How much did big Indigo planters offer to pay?

Q40. How much did Gandhiji’s demand from the British landlords?

Q41. Why did Motihari go back with peasants?

Q42. Why did Gandhi Ji decide to fight in Champaran?

Q43. The chapter Indigo is a part of the book …………….?

Q44. When did the author of the chapter Indigo serve in the British army?

Q 45. Name the author of the chapter Indigo?

Q46. Whom did Gandhiji send a telegram to ?

Q47. The purpose of the advocates of home rule was …………..?

Q48. How did Kasturba Gandhi help Gandhiji?

Q49. Why did Gandhiji protest at Motihari court house?

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