Keeping Quiet MCQs Mock Test of 12th Class Flamingo

Welcome to your Keeping Quiet MCQs Mock Test of 12th Class Flamingo

Question 1. ‘Have no truck with death’ means

Question 2. The poet advocates the balance of nature to be

Question 3. The poet uses conversational style and personal pronouns as ‘you’, ‘we’ and `I’ because

Question 4. The last line of the poem is

Question 5. Man needs to learn a lesson from

Question 6. According to the poet wars that are fought have no

Question 7. ‘Cold sea’ is a poetic device

Question 8. Without rush, without engines’ refers to

Question 9. The poet wants the entire humanity to

Question 10. What does man threaten himself with?

Q11. What is poet's pen name?

Q12. What does the style of the poem symbolise, that the poet used to write with?

Q13. What is the original language of the poem?

Q14. What is the essence or message of the poor?

Q15. What does the poet feel is needed to be at peace?

Q16. According to the poet what creates barriers?

Q17. Why does the poet ask people not to speak?

Q18. What is the rhyming scheme used in the poem?

Q19. How is keeping quiet related to life and change attitude

Q20. How will keeping quiet protect our environment?

Q21. What is destroying the environment?

Q22. What does number 12 represent?

Q.23. What does the poet want to do till he counts upto twelve?

Q24. What does not move our arms so much indicate?

Q25. What does the poem Keeping Quiet teach us?

Q26. Why is silence treated as a big issue?

Q27. What should not be confused with total inactivity or death?

Q28. What can be a cure or an antidote to violent actions?

Q29. What is the sadness in the poem that the poet speaks about?

Q30. What does the earth symbolise?

Q 31. What is always alive even when everything seems to be dead or still?

Q32. Why does the poet request people to keep quiet?

Q33. What does the poet want people to do for one second?

Q34. How can the moments of no activity help people?

Q35. What will happen if there are no engines and no crowd?

Q36. Which will be an exotic moment?

Q37. Why is the moment of silence called Exotic?

Q38. What would everyone feel at that exotic moment?

Q 39. How long is the poet expecting everyone to stay still?

Q40. Why is the poet asking everyone not to speak any language?

Q 41. What is the poet expecting from fishermen?

Q 42. While gathering salt, what will happen to the man if he keep silent for a moment?

Q 43. What does hurt hand refer to?

Q 44. How will silence benefit the man and nature?

Q 45. Which images in the poem show that the poet condemns or hate violence?

Q 46. Who would put on clean clothes?

Q47. What symbol from nature does the poet use to prove that keeping quiet is not total inactivity?

Q48. What does 'let's not speak in any language' suggest?

Q49. What type of victory' is referred to in the poem 'keeping quiet?

Q.50. What according to the poet 'should not be confused with?

Q51. How will doing nothing'help man?

Q52. What 'sadness' is being referred to in the poem 'keeping quiet?

Q 53. Who according to the poet will teach us a lesson?

Q54. What are the different kinds of wars mentioned in the poom?

Q55. What can human beings learn from nature?

Q56. How does the poet perceive life?

Q57. What does the title of the poem suggest?

Q58. What does the poem speak about?

Q59. What does counting upto 12 signify and how will it help?

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