LT Grade English MCQs Mock Test 12

Welcome to your LT Grade English MCQs Mock Test 12

1. Ivanhoe, Guy Mannering, Kenilworth and The Bride of Lammermoor are the novels of:

Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion are from the pen of:

Steele wrote and directed the sentimental comedy-

Steele was a member of the

Both Steele and Addison were closely associated with Child's Coffee-house in A

Which essay of Lucas has been called by John Arlott "the best written of all books on cricket"?

The Visit of the King by Lucas was a-

Reading, Writing and Remembering is his popular_

Lucas received Universities of honorary degrees from the

Richard Wright was an American author of

The writings of Richard Wright are generally concerned with

The Discovery of India' consists of...

'The Panorama of India's Past' is extracted from chapter...

'Nationalism and Internationalism' is an extract from chapter.

In THE FLY Macey was the

. At last, "The Fly" becomes?

Who was Austen's favorite writer?

Complete the quotation: "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a_

The Bennet family lives in the village of...

Mr. Bingley, when he attends the ball in Meryton, seems to be quite taken with-

Philip Pirrip' is a character in Charles Dickens's novel- (P-05)

Who has been regarded as a representative Victorian novelist? (P-09)

Which of the following is the past form of the verb 'dwell'? (Jharkhand TGT 2016)

Which of the following is the past participle form of the verb 'rip'? (Jharkhand TGT 2016)

A number of boys are (A)/ reading this novel (B)/ because this is one of the most (C)/ important novel of India. (D)/ No error (E)

. If the teacher (A)/ is good, the students (B)/ will respond (C)/ positively to them. (D)/ No error (E)

The book is (A)/ popular and the sale (B)/ is quite brisk in (C)/ all major city. (D)/ No error (E)

His company is (A)/ one of the few company (B)/ manufacturing this product (C)/ in the whole country. (D)/ No error (E)

On my way (A)/ to the railway station I met (B)/ one of your friend (C)/ named Neeraj. (D)/ No error (E)

. Find the mis-spelt word (TGT 2005)

Which is the correct spelling? (TGT 2005)

Select the correct spelling: (TGT 2005)

Directions: Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions (33-39) given below it. Certain words/phrases are printed in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions. Mulla Nasaruddin was popularly known for his fine sense of humour. His oratorical skill was so great that whenever he spoke, people listened to him with rapt attention. But to make Mulla speak was far from easy. In fact many in the town longed to have him for their public functions. But Mulla always found a pretext of refusal. One day the Chief of a nearby town went to Mulla and invited him to deliver a speech at the mosque. Mulla as usual said that he was very busy and that he had no time. But the Chief was unwilling to leave him at that. He implored him. Mulla very reluctantly agreed. On evening of the appointed day people from the nearby villages and distant towns thronged to hear his speech. The mosque was overflowing with eager audience.101 When Mulla came to the mosque he was delighted to see the big gathering. Beaming with satisfaction he stood on the platform and began thus. "Respected citizens and respectable pious men. Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to be in your midst. Before I begin my speech, let me ask you a question." Mulla paused before he asked. "Do you know what I'm going to talk about?" The audience smiled thinking that the speaker himself will answer his question. But they were baffled when they heard the Mulla say. "I am asking you. You have to answer". He repeated the question. From all around Muiia heard the cry. "We-don't............... How do you expect us to know we don't know know?" What? "bawled Mulla" You don't know! What is grace! If you do not know what I am going to speak how is it possible for you to understand my speech. I'm not ready to talk to ignoramus. Mulla left for his home The people felt sorry for their words. A selected few in audience went to the Mulla's house on the next day and begged pardon. They cringed before him to come again and Mulla without much fuss agreed to address them on the coming Friday. …….. Question:The audience at the mosque consisted of people who were

Mulla Nasaruddin was famous for-

Opportunities to hear Mulla at public functions were-

The Chief's request to deliver a speech at the mosque was-

Before beginning his lecture Mulla wanted to know it:

When Mulla asked the first question, the audience-

Mulla agreed to address the audience on the second occasion-

Directions (40 and 41): 'Which of the following is most nearly the SAME in meaning as the word given in bold as used in the passage? IMPLORED

Directions (40 and 41): 'Which of the following is most nearly the SAME in meaning as the word given in bold as used in the passage? EAGER

Directions (42-43): Instructions: PUNCTUATE the following It is not necessary says smiles to show that economy is useful (P-2000)

Directions (42-43): Instructions: PUNCTUATE the following what a large melon I think I must buy it what do you ask for it may boy said he (P-04)

What remains between the address and date in a letter?

How does a formal letter usually end with-

Which of the following is correct format in a letter?

Which of the following we always use while writing a letter.

In which poem, the above lines appear?

In which play of Shakespeare, s Antipholus speaks the following monologue : "Sweet Mistress-what your name is else I know not."

Shelley's Julion and Maddalo, written in 1818, was published in–

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