My Mother at Sixty Six MCQs Mock Test of 12th Class Flamingo

Welcome to your My Mother at Sixty Six MCQs Mock Test of 12th Class Flamingo

Question 1. The narrator again compared her mother too

Question 2. ‘Children spilling out’ is an

Question 3. The mother’s old age and lack of energy is a depiction of

Question 4. The poem is made up of

Question 5. The image of merry children has been brought out by the narrator in order to

Question 6. The narrator is only using her smile to

Question 7. Smile and smile and smile is

Question 8. She said to her mother

Question 9. When the narrator looked at her mother again she felt a pang of

Q10. Name the vehicle she was going by:

Q11. Who was accompanying her to the airport?

Q12. Whose house the poet was leaving?

Q13. What was the mother's mood?

Q14. What did the poet see outside the window?

Q15. How far was the poet standing away from her mother?

Q16. What is the kind of pain and ache that the poet feels?

Q17. In which languages has kamala Das written stories and novels?

Q 18. Name the poetic devices used in the poem.

Q19. What is the significance of the title 'My Mother at Sixty-Six?

Q20. Which poetic device is used in "Trees sprinting'?

Q 21. What is the distinctive feature of the poem?

Q 22. What does this narrative style of the poem signify?

Q 23. What is the main idea of the poem?

Q 24. What did the poet realize with pain?

Q25. What is the familiar ache?

Q26. What do the running trees signify?

Q27. Who lives at Cochin?

Q28. What does 'ashen face' signify?

Q29. What does the poet notice outside the car?

Q 30. What do the parting words "See you soon Amma" signify?

Q 31. What does the poet's smile signify in the poem?

Q 32. What is the universality of the theme of the poem?

Q 33. What worried the poet when she looked at her mother?

Q 34. Why did the poet look at her mother again?

Q 35. Why has the poet used the imagery of merry children spilling out of their homes?

Q 36. Which rhyming scheme is used in the poem?

Q 37. Quote an example of a simile used in the poem.

Q 38. Quote an example of a metaphor used in the poem.

Q39. Quote an example of alliteration used in the poem.

Q 40. Quote an example of personification used in the poem.

Q 41. Why does the poet feel scared?

Q42. Why does the poet feel parted, upset and sad?

Q 43. Why did the poet'smile' while leaving?

Q44. What is the tone of the poem towards the end?

Q 45. What did the poet say while leaving?

Q46. What did she do while leaving?

Q47. Why did the poet say 'see you soon Amma'?

Q 48. What does the narrative single sentence style of the poem highlight?

Q.49. What does the poem revolve around?

Q50. What question arises from the complexity of the situation in the poem?

Q 51. How is the imagery of young trees and merry children' a contrast to the mother?

Q52. What does the expression smile, smile and smile signify?

Q53. What was the expression of the poet's face while parting from her mother?

Q54. What was the poet's childhood fear?

Q55. What pangs did she feel when she looked at her mother?

Q56. Who is the poet of this poem?

Q57. What is her work known for?

Q58. What was the day when Kamala Das was going?

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