PGT English Mock Test 1

Welcome to your PGT English Mock Test 1

1. A pamphlet generally on a serious religious topic is known as-

2.The collective name given to some of per-Shakespearean playwrights, like Marlowe , Kyd, Peele and Greene is

3. Which term is applied to an ornate, extravagant and luxurious literary style?

4.Read the following line and answer the question that follows it “Do I wake or Sleep” In witch of his Odes Keats wonders about the substance of the imaginative vision?

5. A type of verse without regular metre is known as-

6. Who is Alpheus in words of Shelley when he says? “Then Alpheus bold on his Glacier cold with his trident the mountain struck”

7. A couplet in rhymed verse having Iambic pentametre a in each line is-

8. Romantic period is characteristic of

9. Generally in tragedy, some comic episodes are introduced to relieve the tension. The episodes are known as-

10. “The Faerie Queens’ is a……poem.

11. A type of religious drama which presents the crucifixion of Christ is known as-

12.Ben Jonson is one of the first significant……critics in English

13. A tale of horror, passion and blood is known as-

14. Witch of the following sentences has the figure of speech called ‘Implicit’?

15. Horace Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto is a fine example of-

16.The statement namely, “They were swifter than eagles and strong then lions.’’ Contains figure of speech called

17. A short pithy saying which conveys a general truth-

18. “This is the name given to the artifice of language by which the sound of the word is made to suggest or echo the sense.” This is the definition of

19. A Ready-cast or stereotyped expression is known as-

20.What figure of speech has been used in the following lines? “thou, too said on, O ship of state Sail on O union, strong and great

21. A type of narrative may be in prose or verse which betrays is its meaning under the surface level story is known as a-

22. “Property is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion”. This definition of property is given by

23. Spencer's fairy Queen is a-

24. “In this one taut, subtle novel Hawthorne solves almost his problems”. To which novel does Marcus Cunliffe refer in this statement?

25. Bunyan’s ‘Pilgrim's Progress ‘is an allegory in_

26. “The English comic characters” is a collection of essay by

27. ………….is a short sentence stating a general truth.

28. “The Auden group’ of poet consist of W.H. Auden Stephen, spender, Cecil day Lewis, and

29. An amorous writing based on the treatment of love as its subject matter is known as-

30.Who wrote this famous line? ‘I woke on morning and found myself great’

31. A poem of 14 lines is known as-

32. What could be the tragic flaw in hamlet?

33. Which play was omitted from the first folio edition in 1623?

34. Strafford is a

35. Which is the last play written by Shakespeare?

36.The Canterbury Tales has………pilgrims.

37. Who said the following lines? And my poor fool is hanged! No, no, no life! Why should a dog, a horse, a rat have life and tthou no breed at all?

38. Religio Medici was written by

39. “He was the man, who of all modern and perhaps ancient poets had the largest and most comprehensive soul” who said this in praise of Shakespeare?

40.Who is associated with new Criticism?

41. Who speaks these lines? Peace peace! Dost thou not see my baby at my breast that sucks the nurse asleep?

42.Who was the interact behind the French Revolution?

43. To the term “lake School” was first used in the.

44.Who wrote ‘An Equal Music’?

45. Who first coined the term metaphysical in 1630?

46. Miss Hard Castle appears in

47. Who applied the term satanic School of English poetry in the prefix of his vision of Judgement 1822

48.Who edited the works of Shakespeare ?

49. The Spasmodic is a term of ridicule applied by W.E. Aytoun in his mock tragedy “ Firmillion or the student of Badojoz” (1854) to which group of the Victorian poets?

50.’The work 1985 ’written by

35. Which is the last play written by Shakespeare?

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