PGT English Mock test 2

Welcome to your PGT English Mock test 2

1. A miniature epic based on myth and written in dactylic hexameter is known as-

2.The term, ‘pathetic fallacy’ was coined by

3. Browning’s My Last Duchess is a fine example of-

4. The Novelist that indicated mostly the education system of his time was

5. A play based on history as its subject matter is known as-

7. Shakespeare's Henry 6th, 1st, 2nd and 3rd are find example of-

6. Who said about Wordsworth as fallows? “his poetry is the reality his philosophy is the illusion”

8. Which among the following was written by Edmund Burke

9. A novel written in the form of letters is known as-

10.The concern of the Neo-classical writer was

11. When a word or a sentence expresses double or multiple meaning when term is used-

12. What is the Philip Sidney ‘Astrophel and Stella’?

13 Pope’s Moral Essays is an example of-

14. Don Adriano is a character in

15. A forceful speech addressed to a large audience is known as-

16. Who wrote ‘Holly Sonnet’?

17. A short farcical performance which is generally adjusted in a long play or noval is known as a-

18. A sonnet consist of

19. A meditative poem about night is known as-

20. The synonym of ‘Prudent’ is

21. In which type of play the traditional conventions are ignored or distorted?

22. What do you say ‘a well experienced person’?

23. A Nobel which is written in the first person and in the form of self regulation is known as-

24.The meaning of ‘Garrulous’ is

25. A narrative in which birds and animals etc appeared and talk like human beings is known as-

26. Choose the response which give the correct spelling of the word

27. Which device is used a person or king is directly addressed?

28.Which word is mis-spelt

29. Fielding's novel Joseph Andrews is a ……..of Richardson’s Pamela.

30.Choose the carrot Proverb

31. When the letters of a word are reshuffled to form another word or words, the device is known as-

32.Compelete the following Proverb by choosing the correct word A burnt child dreads the………. .

33. A literary work meant for ridiculing style, subject or attitude is known as-

34.Choose the correct meaning of the foreign words, ‘inter alia’

35. A comedy meant for producing laughter and humour based on situation is known as-

36.The synonym of ‘Queer’ is

37. A short pastoral lyric describing mundane life in a natural surrounding is known as-

38. What is the meaning of ‘Erroneous’?

39. The term lampoon stands for the insulting attack written in verse or prose on a-

40. Joseph Conrad was

41. The Gothic novel and Pre-Raphealitism are the examples of-

42. Who Wrote “Ode to Evening”?

43. Epilogue is generally appended to the conclusion of a-

44. The Novels of R.K. Narayan are set in?

45. A confessional writer is supposed reveal his private thoughts regarding such personal matters as-

46. Paradise Lost consist of ………. Books.

47. ‘Eclogue’ stands for a short poem forming a dialogue between-

48. If was written by

49. Which term is used for a short play which is interposed between the courses of a feast or the acts of a long play?

50. Mrs. Ramsay appears in