TGT English Mock Test 1

Welcome to your TGT English Mock Test 1

1.The cake was divided………….. him and me.

2. According to whom, Poetry is “best words in their best order”?

3. He arrived……….station in time.

4.. ‘Ode’ is the type of poetry which

5.. Who came………… akhbar ?

6. which of the following sentences has a figure of speech called “Oxymoron”?

7. The plan fell ……. for lack of funds.

8. Which of the following is “Onomatopoeia”

9. He behave as though he…… a thief.

10.Whan the lifeless object and abstract ideas are thought of as living being, the figure of speech is.

11. Choose the correct sentence.

12. A lovelier flower on the earth was never sown this line contain the figure of speech

13. Choose the correct sentence.

14.Who states that poetry is the application of ideas of life?

15. Choose the correct sentence.

16. Who states these famous lines? “And miles to get before I sleep”

17. Which was the first play in Senecan form?

18. ‘Augustan’ , aware of the parallels of their writing to Latin literature, Given to comparing London to Rome and in the case of pope, addressing George-II satirically as Augustus.

19. Who used the phrase “still vexed Bermoothes” for the immortal pages of Hakluyt?

20. To whom does refer by the following remark? “his life was gentle; and the element so mixed in him that nature might stand up and say to all the world. This was the man!”

21. Between 1590 and 1593 the theatres were closed owing to.

22.At what age did G.B. Shaw die?

23. The most important anti dramatic book of Elizabethan period was.

24.Thomas Chatterton died at the age of

25. Who began the tradition of revenge play?

26.Who among the following is a Cavalier poet?

27. Regarding the use of blank verse who coined the phrase “Marlow's mighty line”?

28.Wuthering Heights was published in

29. Sir Philip Sidney’s the “Defense of poesy” is a prose essay which answered?

30.Desire under the Elms was written by

31. Who affirmed that “Shakespeare knew small later and less Greek”?

32.Great Tradition was written by

33. Which is a fine example of the sonnet form?

34.Who is the Wordsworth referring to in, “Brother, Englishman and friend”?

35. Arnold’s Thyrsis is a fine example of-

36. “Full Fathom five thy father lines, Of his bones are coral made These are pearl that were his eyes But doth suffer a sea change These lines occur from which Shakespeare play?

37. Three line rhyming stanza is known as-

38. Who still today is known as Director f English letters?

39. Galsworthy’s Strife is a fine example of-

40. “Say what have to say, what you have a will to say, in the simplest, the most direct and exact manner possible.” Who has given this advice?

41. A play which ends happily though its action apparently tending towards tragedy is known as-

42. Who was it that defined Romanticism as “addition of strangeness to beauty”?

43. Which one of Shakespeare's plays is a tragicomedy?

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44. On his poet epitaph are the words engraved, “Here lies oh whose name was writ in water”?

46. ……..of Shakespeare are example for the comedy of manners

47. Fabliau is a-

48. Hardy who created “Wessex” is known as a

49. A song of praise which generally addressed deity is known as-

50. The character ‘fool’ in “Twelfth night” serves the purpose of

24.Thomas Chatterton died at the age of

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