The Enemy MCQs Mock Test of 12th Class Vistas

Welcome to your The Enemy MCQs Mock Test of 12th Class Vistas

Question 1. The day Sadao opened the soldier’s stitches, he

Question 2. All the servants in Sadao’s household

Question 3. The American landlady had once helped Sadao when

Question 4. Sadao got his reward when

Question 5. Sadao made the prisoner dress up in

Question 6. The young prisoner was asked to flash the light if food ran out

Question 7. When the assassins did not come, Sadao decided to

Question 8. The General only wanted Sadao to operate upon him because

Question 9. ‘Why are we different from other Japanese?’, this was said by

Question 10. The recovering soldier was fed by

Q11. Where was Dr. Sadao's house situated?

Q12. Who was Dr. Sadao?

Q13. What was his father's chief concern about Dr. Sadao?

Q14. How did Hana help Dr. Sadao?

Q15. Why did the General not pass orders to arrest Dr. Sadao for giving space to a white man?

Q 16. Sadao drew his kimeno round his weary:

Q17. Who untied the knotted rugs that kept the white man covered?

Q18. This man must have extraordinary ........... or he would have been dead by now.

Q19. Why did Hana wash the wounded soldier herself?

Q20. Who was Yumi?

Q21. Why did Sadao not marry heedlessly in America?

Q 22. The wounded man must have been very blond when he was a child. Here blond means:

Q 23. "Tokonama' is a Japanese word which means:

Q 24. The white man became wounded by:

Q 25. The American professor was the expert of:

Q26. The wounded soldier was a:

Q27. Why was Dr. Sadao not sent abroad along with troops?

Q28. Hana used the blood of the fond as a:

Q29. Sadao instructed the boy not to:

Q30. The General said, "It would be best if he could be quietly

Q 31. When the American man was going towards the shore of the sea, he was cladded in:

Q 32. "Americans are our enemies." Who said so?

Q33. Why did Dr. Sadao become irritable and impatient with his patients?

Q34. Why did Dr. Sadao's wife feel distressed?

Q 35. Why did the surgeon speak sharply to his wife?

Q 36. What was Hana's reaction over her husband's words?

Q 37. Why did the servants refuse to help?

Q 38. How did Dr. Sadao ensure that the American soldier had left safely?

Q 39. Why did Sadao marry a Japanese girl only?

Q 40. What kind of person was Sadao's father?

Q 41. Why did the messenger come to the doctor?

Q42. Seeing the messenger, what was Hana's reaction?

Q 43. What kind of person the General was?

Q 44. Why did the General spare the white American soldier?

Q45. How did Dr. Sadao get rid of the American soldier?

Q 46. Who said "It is clear what our master ought to do"?

Q47. Why did Dr. give his flashlight to the enemy soldier?

Q48. What was General's plan for American soldier?

Q49. Why did the servants leave Dr. Sadao's house?

Q50. Where did Dr. Sadao find American soldier?

Q51. Why did Dr. Sadao help an enemy soldier?

Q 52. What conflicting ideas disturb Dr. Sadao's mind after he brought American soldier?

Q 53. How did Dr. Sadao emerge successfully out of all the conflicts?

Q54. What kind of person Dr. Sadao was? OR What idea do you form of Dr. Sadao after reading the lesson?

Q 55. What were the dominant traits of Dr. Sadao's personality?

Q56. Why did Dr. Sadao go to America?

Q57. Who is the author of the lesson 'The Enemy?

Q58. Who was the 'misty figure' that had been washed ashore in front of Dr. Sadao's house?

Q59. Why did Dr. Sadao treat the soldier when he was from enemy's nationality?