The Rattrap MCQs Mock Test of 12th Class Flamingo

Welcome to your The Rattrap MCQs Mock Test of 12th Class Flamingo

Q1- Which country does the author Selma Lagerlof belong to?

Question 2. Wanderer left a package for Edla. What did it contain?

Q3- Mines of Sweden are rich in ore of:

Question 4. How did The rattrap peddler spend most of his Christmas Eve?

Q5- What kind of the message does the story convey?

Question 6. What did Edla Wilmenson say when the peddler was about to leave?

Q7- What does the rattrap seller do to make his livelihood?

Question 8. The rattrap seller gave Edla’s father a philosophical lecture on

Q9- Why did the peddler have to take shelter from others?

Question 10. What was the stranger’s reaction to the ironmaster?

Q11- What makes the lesson light in spite of the seriousness?

Question 12. What did the ironmaster feel after seeing well groomed rattrap seller by his valet?

Q13- From where did the rattrap seller get the idea of the world being a Rattrap?

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Q14- Why did Edla plead her father not to send the Vagabond away?

Q15- Why was the ironmaster so friendly with the Peddler?

Question 16. What did the girl Edla bring with her to make him feel warm

Q17 -Why did the rattrap seller leave the stolen money in a Rattrap?

Question 18. What was the purpose of her visit to the iron-mill? It was to

Q19- Why did ironmaster’s daughter Edla have doubts about the Peddler?

Question 20. What was the name of the ironmaster’s daughter?

Q21- Why did the Peddler think that he had been trapped into the Rattrap?

Question 22. Who lived in the manor with the Ironmaster?

Q23- Why did the rattrap seller have to resort to begging and thievery?

Question 24. Edla Willmanson’s father mistook the rattrap peddler for

Q25- From where did the rattrap seller get the material to make rattraps?

Question 26. Why did the peddler enter the gate of the iron mill?

Q27- How did the old Crofter treat the rattrap seller?

Question 28. The Paddler felt he had been fooled by a

Question 29. Why did the rattrap peddler return to the man’s house?

Question 30. The old crofter got a payment of

Question 31. The old crofter was very generous with his

Question 32. The old crofter in the cottage

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Question 33. The rattrap seller compared the whole world to a

Question 34. The peddler made the rattraps using

Question 35. How much money had the rattrap seller stolen from Crofter’s cottage?

Question 36. How did the old Crofter lure the rattrap seller to steal his money?

Question 37. What did the Peddler do and who he was?

Question 38. When does the ironmaster realise his mistake?

Question 39. How did Crofter treat the rattrap seller?

Question 40. Why did the old Crofter show 30 Kronor to the rattrap seller?

Question 41. Why did the rattrap seller not reveal his true identity to the ironmaster?

Question 42. What was the influence on rattrap seller after meeting the Crofter and Edla?

Question 43. Why did Elda persuade the Peddler to come her house for Christmas cheer?

Question 44. Why was the paddler amused by his idea of a rattrap?

Question 45. What helps the rattrap seller earn the sympathy of readers?

Question 46. What does the word Rattrap in the lesson signify?

Question 47. Who gave shelter to the rattrap seller?

Question 48. What leads us to various problems according to the rattrap seller?

Question 49. Why was the peddler lost in various kinds of thoughts?

Question 50. All the story of Rattrap revolves:

Question 51. What is the manner in which has the story been narrated?

Question 52. Where has the story of ‘The Rattrap’ been set up?

Question 53. What is the name of the chapter The Rattrap?

Question 54. Why did Edla request her father not to send the rattrap seller away?

Question 55. Why did the Peddler not want to go to the ironmaster’s house?

Question 56. Why did the Peddler think of stealing?

Question 57. What finally changed the Peddler’s heart?

Question 58. Why did Rattrap seller sign as Captain Von Stahle?

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