The Sound of Music MCQs Mock Test of 9th Class Beehive

Welcome to your The Sound of Music MCQs Mock Test of 9th Class Beehive

Question 1. What was Ron Forbes advice to Evelyn?

Q2- Who was deaf in the lesson?

Question 3. What is the name of the master percussionist who praised Evelyn?

Q4- How old was Evelyn when she went to Royal Music academy?

Question 5. Which foreign languages did Evelyn learn?

Q6- When was Evelyn’s deafness noticed?

Q7- When was Evelyn’s deafness confirmed?

Q8- Who helped Evelyn to continue with her music?

Q9- Who spotted Evelyn’s potential?

Q10- Which places had Evelyn worked for?

Q11- What was life for Evelyn?

Q12- Where was the Royal music Academy?

Q13- What did Evelyn want to pursue?

Q14- What did Aurangzeb ban in his palace?

Q15- Why was playing Pungi in Aurangzeb’s palace banned?

Q16- Who thought of improving the sound of the Pungi?

Q17- How is the Shehnai different from the Pungi?

Q18- Who changed the perception of the Shehnai?

Q19- Where was the Shehnai played traditionally?

Q20- When did Bismillah get his first big break as a Shehnai performer?

Q21- Why did Bismillah refuse to go to the U.S.A.?

Q22- Where did Bismillah play the Shehnai on 15th August 1947?

Q23- Why was the event of Shehnai Playing on 15th August a historic one?

Q24- From where did Shahnai get its name?

Q25- Shehnai is a refined version of which instrument?

Q26- Where did Bismillah give his first break through performance?

Q27- According to the lesson,who was present on the event of 15th August,1947?

Q28- Why did people discourage Evelyn to pursue music?

Q29- What did Ron Forbes advise Evelyn?

Q30- How did Evelyn hear music?

Q31- What did Evelyn want to spread through her music?

Q32- Who played Shehnai at King’s palace?

Q33- What was the source of inspiration for Bismillah?

Question 34. Bismillah Khan was called

Question 35. Which is India’s highest civilian award?

Question 36. Tahar Mosiquee Ustaad Bismillah Khan auditorium is situated in :

Question 37. Where is Lincoln Center Hall situated?

Question 38. Of the following which is Bismillah Khan’s composition?

Question 39. On August 15, 1947, which Raag was played by Bismillah Khan from the Red Fort?

Question 40. Who was Ali Bux?

Question 41. What was Bismillah Khan’s grandfather?

Question 42. Where did Bismillah Khan regularly go to sing Bhojpuri thaltat ?

Question 43. What credit is given to Ustad Bismillah Khan regarding shehnai?

Question 44. Why did these men give trouble to Evelyn?

Question 45. When did Evelyn feel everything so dark in life?