UGC NET English Mock Test 1

Welcome to your UGC NET English Mock Test 1

1. Which novel has a nameless narrator?

2.Blank verse in England was introduced by

3. Samuel Beckett wrote-

4. Nightmare Abbey was written by

5. Which one of the following author book pair is correctly matched?

6. ‘Romola’ is a ……… novel

7. The plough and the Stars was written by

8. Swinburne was an admirer of

9. Willy Loman is the character in –

10. The Glass Menageri is a play by

11. John Evellyn and Samuel Pepys were the famous writer of-

12. Prothalamion is

13. The subtitles of Dryden’s Absalom and Achi-tophel is

14. Who of the following is not a periodical essayist?

15.Appereciation is written by

16. “Did he who made the Lamb made thee” appears in

17. Lavache Figure in Shakespeare’s

18. Which of the following thinker-concept pair is rightly matched?

19. Romantic Movement had its antecedents in

20. “Essay of Elia” are -

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