UGC NET English Mock Test 2

Welcome to your UGC NET English Mock Test 2

1. Which of the following sequences is correct?
2. The test of a good lyric is
3. Queen Victoria’s reign, after whom the Victorian period is named, spans-
4. Who invited the term ‘comic-epic in prose’?
5.Pre-Raphaelite poetry is mainly concerned with
6. ‘epic theatre’ was developed by-
7. The concept of mad woman in the attic can be traced to
8. ‘epic theatre’is a form of drama which-
9. Who among the Victorians is called the prophet of modern society?
10. ‘Doggerel’ is rather a term of abuse which is-
11.Who among the following is not a pilgrim in the Canterbury Tales?
12. Poetry is classified as epic, narrative or dramatic on the basis of-
13. Bosola is the executioner in
14. A short singing poem, which expre- sses a single emotion usually per-sonal is known as-
15.The mystery plays deal with
16. ‘comedy’ means a literary work that end on the happy note has in it material selected and managed in such a manner as it-
17. The Faerie Queene is based on
18. ‘Dirge’ is a palace of music which suits to the-
19. Choose the correct chronological sequence of the following plays
20.An epic is usually defined as a long narrative poem which-

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